Friday 2 November 2012

Blank Canvas Cosmetics 28 Neutral Palette

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I have had my eye on products from Blank Canvas Cosmetics for quite some time now. I first heard of this company off of the wonderful Sineady Cady also known as 'TheMakeupChair' on Youtube.
She religiously uses their palettes and brushes in her tutorials creating gorgeous looks, so I had to get my hands on their products to test them out myself!
I placed my first order in May of this year, myself and my Mam were browsing the website and after much deliberation we finally decided on what we would order. Mam loved to wear browns on her eyes so we decided a 28 Neutral Palette would be ideal for her, I picked up one for myself and also one to keep as a present. We decided to buy the 6 Contour Powder/ Blush palette each too. I was immediately drawn to this palette as I had never seen blushes or bronzers that big before!
The initial quote for postage for the 5 palettes came to €10. While our order was being reviewed we got an email to say that they were currently running an offer that orders over €60 get free shipping. So I added one more item to my cart and that was the 32 Eyeshadow/ 10  Colour Blush Palette, and I was then refunded the postage. I was also added to the customer loyalty list, whereby I get a 5% discount on future orders. Pretty fantastic value if you ask me :) I can't praise the company enough alone on their outstanding customer service!

Our orders were shipped out and arrived in no time, I was extremely impressed. Along with the efficient shipping, the palettes arrived well wrapped in bubble wrap with no damage done to any of the eyeshadows/blushes inside.

When I removed the bubble wrap I was left with a little black box, inside this was the palette.

I absolutely fell in love with the packaging. It is simple, sleek and classy. I love that its just plain black with the company logo on the front, nothing over the top nothing too fancy. The palette is a nice size and fits comfortably in my kit. On this note, as a makeup artist I do not want to be carrying around a really heavy train case. I like the fact that I have all the neutral shades I could ever need in just the one palette, its so convenient. At €10.99 it is an absolute steal. When doing makeup for clients I first lay the products I will be using out on the table. Numerous clients have commented on my Blank Canvas Cosmetics palettes, I think that they just look so professional. Along with this and also the fact that they are compact and convenient, this is the reason why they are a must have for my kit.

On opening the palette there is a thin plastic sheet covering the eyeshadows. As the title of the palette suggests, there is 28 eyeshadows included in this palette. The eyeshadows come in a range of matte, shimmer and satin finishes. Due to the variety of finishes you can create a wide range of looks such as the sultry smokey eye, classic contoured eye etc. 

Some of the eyeshadows in this palette are more pigmented than others such as the black and dark browns. The cream shades are quite sheer, I find with these types of palettes its usually a given that the darker shades are slightly more pigmented. I tend to use the lighter shades as a wash over the eyelid, around the tear duct to open up my eyes and also on the brow bone as a highlight.
These eyeshadows work best with an eyeshadow base as it will ensure your eye makeup lasts all day long. I find though the base is not necessary to intensify the eyeshadows, they work pretty well on there own! As you can see from the picture below the eyeshadow is extremely pigmented and this was with just one swipe.

Just to show you how versatile this palette is I have created a sultry smokey eye using a selection of the burgundy and brown shades with a hint of black to add depth and dimension.

I also have a tutorial on how you can create three different neutral eye makeup looks. You tweak one look to create the next. If you would like to see how I created the three looks below using the 28 Neutral Palette, just click on the play button below.

I also have a tutorial on how to create a smokey eye which is perfect for beginners! Just click the play button below :)

You can purchase this palette from the Blank Canvas Cosmetics website, along with lots of other amazing products :)


  • Affordable
  • High Quality
  • Eyeshadows are highly pigmented
  • Create a wide variety of looks
  • Easily Stored
  • Excellent Customer Service
  • Packaging is fragile

Have you tried any products from Blank Canvas Cosmetics?
Eimear x


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