Wednesday 31 October 2012

Vamp it up!

Hey Everyone!
Happy Halloween :)

So Halloween is finally here, to my disappointment actually. I love dressing up for Halloween but I hate the 30th of October and Halloween night itself. The 30th marks 'Banger Night', a night for bonfires, fireworks, bangers and mischief. The same applies to Halloween night really, I am currently sitting in tonight and I did last night too, the bangers and fireworks drive my poor dog Carrie mad and she would fret terribly if she was left in the house alone.
I dressed up on the 27th and 28th, I had a joint fancy dress 21st on Saturday and I dressed up Sunday too because of the bank holiday. I might do a separate blog post on what I dressed up as if you are interested. Anyway, onto todays look!

I wore this makeup out recently and got lots of compliments on it, I posted  it on Facebook too and people said they would be interested in a I did one! 
I like this look because you can use it for Halloween if you wanted to dress up as a vampire or you can tweak it for everyday use over the winter months, mulberry lips are in trend this season! :)

 Products Used

Mally Beauty Eyeshadow Base
Inglot Amc 75
Inglot Amc 50
Inglot Pearl 450
Inglot Matte 319
Inglot Amc 64
L'Oreal Lineur Intense Carbon Black
Inglot Amc Eyeliner Gel 77
Inglot Duraline
Clarins Paris Mascara Black

Revlon Color Stay 'Ivory' 
Revlon Color Stay 'Nude'
Blank Canvas Cosmetics 6 Contour Blush Palette
Inglot Amc Bronzer
Sleek Blush 'Pomegranate'

Rimmel Kate Collection 04

If you would like to see a tutorial on how I created this look just click the link below :)

Thanks a million for tuning in, have a very happy and safe Halloween!
Talk to you soon,
Eimear x


  1. your making want to try the Inglot eyeshadows even more awwwww why isnt Inglot near me :( Fantastic look hunny

    1. Thanks Nina! If I can get off work for the Dublin Blogger Meet Up and you can go too, we will definitely take a trip to Inglot :) x