Tuesday 6 November 2012

Kate Collection for Rimmel

Hey Everyone!
Hope you all are well :)

When it comes to lipsticks I'm not very adventurous, I usually stick to "vampy" shades. The range of colours I have in my collection are reds, berries, deep purples etc. I simply adore dark lip colours.
I was coming home from work recently and I popped into one of the local pharmacies. The Kate Collection for Rimmel was on special at €4.95 per lipstick, amazing value for money! 
I've read a fair few reviews on these lipsticks majority of bloggers were raving about them, so I thought I would take advantage of the introductory offer and try a lipstick out for myself.
The first lipstick that really stood out to me was the shade 110, its a vibrant coral shade. I decided I would step out of my comfort zone and buy a shade which isn't on the dark side haha
Even if I did chicken out of wearing it I could still keep it for my kit so it wouldn't go to waste.


I like the simplicity of the packaging, its well thought out in my opinion. 
Kate's signature is printed on the lid of the lipstick tube, quite a nice touch if you are a Kate Moss fan.
With regards to the lipstick itself, when applied it dries to a completely matte finish. It glides smoothly across the lips and even though it is a matte lipstick I find that is not drying at all, which can be a common problem with matte lipsticks. Recently with the change in weather my lips have been very dry, this lipstick still glides on my lips however it does seep into every single crack and crevice in my lips. This is a given with any matte lipstick so its not a problem for me. I'll save it for when my lips are in good condition again.
I was pleasantly surprised that it is quite long lasting, I'd say it lasted on the lips for a good 5 hours, that is even after eating and drinking. I only had to top the lipstick up once throughout the day.
The lipstick has a rich colour pay off and the collection has a beautiful range of shades to suit all skin tones.


Kate Collection for Rimmel 110

I was so impressed with this lipstick that I went in the next day to pick up another one! I told myself that I would be adventurous again, but I caved and picked up this gorgeous deep purple shade. 
I am so glad I did, it is fantastic and absolutely lived up to expectations.

Again, this lipstick has the 'Kate' signature on the lid of the lipstick and instead of red the packaging is black. I prefer the black packaging, I think its more striking than the red but hey! I'm not fussy, its whats on the inside that counts right? :)

Kate Collection for Rimmel 04

Like the coral shade, the lasting power and pigmentation of this lipstick is absolutely amazing.This is by far my favourite out of the two I currently own (eyeing up more) I have been wearing it nearly every day since I bought it, its simply fantastic. At €4.95 you really can't go wrong with these lipsticks, really high quality and extremely affordable..even at the full price of €6.95!

I can't wait to pick up some more to add to my collection :)


  • Affordable
  • Amazing colour pay off
  • Long Lasting
  • Seeps into dry patches on the lips

Have you tried any from the range, if so what should I pick up next?
Eimear x


  1. colors are very nice
    I go out to my city to see if I can find this line of Rimmel
    Here's the brand, but sometimes do not reach all products, when I saw the purple lipstick in the video, I went crazy, I thought was great.
    I will attempt to try and tell you how I was
    I also was struck shadows palette of neutral colors
    I have one of the same line, though other brand (in any case are of Chinese industry) the mixture of 96 colors matte and shimmer shades
    most of the shadows I found very good and I did a palette of blushes, concealers and lip.
    I also plan to do a review on my blog, you think?

    huge kisses

    1. Thank you!
      Yeah the purple really is gorgeous, definitely my favourite out of the two.
      Yeah you should :) I love finding big palettes like that where the eyeshadows are actually quite pigmented such as the Celia Makeup 120 Palette.
      Looking forward to see your review :)

  2. Hi Eimear!:) Glad u have a blog!:)
    Well, this purple lipstick is awesome!!! <3
    I've got Kate's lipstick in black packaging nr 02, and it's gorgeous!:) I really love it!:) It's quite wet and doesn't dry my lips.
    But I can't find a purple one in my city.. :( That's sad...

    1. Hi! Thank you :)
      I've heard a few people talk about 02, meant to be fab!
      Yeah I'm so glad that they are moisturising especially coming into winter its handy to have!
      Cant wait to pick up some more :)

  3. I know this post is about the lipstick which I have already but what type of eyeshadow is that?