Monday 26 October 2015

theBalm Nude 'Tude Palette Review, Swatches and Tutorial

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Last Summer my Auntie went to Portugal and she told me that she had picked up an eyeshadow palette on the way home from the inflight catalogue on the plane. She had mentioned that she had never heard of the brand before and had just picked it up because she liked the shade range. I asked her to bring it down to show me, I wasn't really sure what to expect but to be honest, I hadn't really high hopes for what she had bought. She came back into the room and as she produced the eyeshadow palette she began "I'm not sure if it's any use but..". I cut her off mid sentence. I squealed with excitement at the sight of theBalm Nude'Tude, not knowing what all the fuss was about she continued "So it's alright then?". Oh if only she really knew! 

Initially, the highlighter Mary-Lou Manzier took the Blogging and YouTube world by storm. When the hype surrounding that product finally calmed down, then a new frenzy started and it was all about the Nude'Tude palette. Naturally enough as more and more Bloggers and YouTubers starting featuring the palette in blog posts and videos, the more requests I started getting from my viewers to create a look using the palette. There was just one thing though, I didn't own the palette, but I knew someone who did :) 

My trusty Auntie Edna came to the rescue and allowed me to borrow her palette for the video, heck she even told me I could keep it but I couldn't do that, I knew how much she loved it. I enjoyed the palette that much I figured I had to pick it up for myself but then theBalm launched their Nude'Dude palette and I was torn between the two. Recently, I attended the Debenhams winter event and sitting at the top of my very generous goodie bag was the Nude'Tude palette. I couldn't believe it. Now I just need to pick up the Nude'Dude palette and I'm golden. Very long intro aside, let's get on with the review!

This particular Nude'Tude palette is part of a limited edition set. The only difference between buying this set and the palette on its own is that there is a mini 'Put a Lid on It' eyeshadow primer included in this set.

The palette is very well packaged. It comes in a box with one end revealing the mini primer and the other end opening up to reveal the eyeshadow palette. There is then a removable sleeve containing the palette that matches the design on the palette itself. I really like when products come with a sleeve, it just adds a layer of protection and stops your palette getting dirty. In relation to the packaging design, I adore the vintage vibe the palette has.

Within the palette you get 12 eyeshadows that range in textures and finishes. I feel based on the shade range the palette has something for everybody. Also included is a double ended shadow liner brush. I haven't used this brush yet and to be honest based on how the brush feels, I more than likely won't bother with it. The palette opens up to also reveal a large mirror making it handy for when you're on the move.

Let's take a closer look at the eyeshadows.
Sassy: This is a frosted white eyeshadow with good pigmentation. 
Stubborn: A light to medium pinky peach shade that also has a frosted finish.
Selfish: Is a frosted taupe brown shade with grey undertones.
Snobby: Shimmery light gold shade. I'd almost say its more of a yellow.
Stand-Offish: In the pan this looks like a light pink but when applied it is more of a light golden brown shade that has a sort of metallic finish.
Sultry: Matte warm brown. Another highly pigmented shade and very easy to blend.

Sophisticated: Warm dark brown shade with shimmer running throughout.
Sexy: Matte warm cranberry/burgandy shade. One of my favourites in the palette, really pigmented and very easy to work with.
Serious: Matte black, its not the most pigmented matte black I have come across. You do need to layer it to get an intense colour payoff.
Seductive: Warm toned golden brown shade with a satin finish.
Silly: Dark brown with red and golden flecks running throughout the shadow. This is another firm favourite of mine!
Sleek: A very dark matte brown shade that is almost black. Pigmentation is fantastic and its nice and buttery so very easy to work with.

Swatches Top Row (L-R)

Sassy, Stubborn, Selfish, Sophisticated, Sexy, and Serious.

Swatches Bottom Row (L-R)

Snobby, Stand-Offish, Sultry, Seductive, Silly, and Sleek.

As I've said there is something for everyone in this palette. You can create neutral smokey eyes with this palette or really intense dark smokey eyes either. I love deep smokey eyes so I was immediately drawn to the cluster of darker shades along the right hand side of the palette.

To create this grunge inspired makeup look I used the shades:

  • Sleek
  • Sexy
  • Silly
  • Serious
  • Sassy

I've a full tutorial on my channel showing you how to create this look. If you are interested in finding out how, then just click on the play button below!

I am very pleased with how this palette performs. The quality of the shadows is outstanding, they are highly pigmented and are buttery smooth to the touch so they make the blending process very easy to do. The only shade I found that needed a little extra work was the matte black in the palette 'Serious'. It isn't as pigmented as the other shadows in the palette, you need to layer it to get a nice intense payoff. My least favourite shade in the palette is the yellow/golden eyeshadow 'Snobby' and that is just purely because of its colour. The only thing that I feel the palette is missing is a matte highlight shade. If 'Snobby' was replaced with a matte highlight colour I think the palette would be absolutely perfect.

Overall though I'm delighted with the palette and I'd highly recommend. It will set you €35 which I think is quite affordable for what you are getting in terms of quality. Thankfully theBalm products are becoming a lot easier to find here in Ireland. theBalm can be purchased online and in store from Debenhams. For a direct link to the palette on the site you can click here.

Have you tried any products from theBalm yet? If you have, 
let me know your favourite!
Until next time,
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