Sunday 25 October 2015

Broadway Nails imPress Press-On Manicure Halloween Edition

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It's almost that time of year again, one of my favourite times of year ....Halloween! Holidays are a popular time in particular for nail art designs but they can come at a price. The Broadway imPress kit allows you to achieve a spooky Halloween manicure (without the hefty price tag) in just a couple of minutes from the comfort of your own home!

I'm not going to lie, I am a nail picker. It's such a bad habit to have but when I'm nervous or anxious I just cannot stop myself. I love the look of shellac and gel nails and I love the idea of nail art designs but I have never gone to have my nails done in a salon before. This is solely down to the fact that I only like to wear false nails on occasion. I wouldn't be a fan of wearing fake nails for long periods of time and that is why I enjoy sets like these imPress ones. I can apply them and only wear them for one night if I want to or I can leave them on knowing that they will only last for up to a week. I simply prefer having the option of being able to easily remove the nails at home if I want to. 

I got these limited edition Halloween themed nails in the post on Thursday and I couldn't wait to pop them on my nails. There are four different spooky styles in the range to chose from. These include:

  • Total Witch
  • After Midnight
  • Hot Blooded
  • Supernatural

The kit contains 24 nails that are stored within a large nail varnish bottle which I think its quite clever and very cute! I like the fact that you get more nails than you need, if you are a klutz like myself there is no need to fret if you make a mistake or lose a nail there are spares! Also contained in the kit are a prep pad and a mini nail file.

There is a removable tab on the back of each nail, this peels off to reveal a sticky adhesive that has been pre-applied so no glue is needed! Select ten nails from the kit that match the size of your own natural nails and then you can get started. Application is very quick and easy you just peel off the tab and press the nail over your own natural nail, begin pressing in the middle and then press down each side of the nail. Broadway recommends leaving the thumb until last.

Broadway state that the nails should last you up to a week. The nails I am wearing in the picture above I have had on for the last three days and they are still going fairly strong. I've used imPress nails previously and have gotten four or five days out of them depending on the style. This is my first time using the Halloween edition nails but I've a feeling they will last the five days.

I noticed that the nails in the Halloween edition kits are a bit longer and wider than other imPress nails I have used before. It wasn't really an issue though as I still found a selection of nails in the kit to fit on top of my own nails, but its just something to note!

Unlike me, if you prefer to steer clear of the prosthetics, blood and gore, and like to keep things nice and simple for Halloween well then these Halloween style nails will be the perfect finishing touch to your costume.

Available from leading pharmacies, retailers and Dunnes Stores nationwide. The imPress nails range €8.50 €10.50 depending on the store you buy from and the style you choose. 

Do you have a favourite from the range? Let me know!
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