Monday 10 February 2014

Born Pretty Store: 18 Color Eyeshadow Palette

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Before Christmas I was contacted by the lovely Allison from the online "Born Pretty Store". Allison told me I could choose whatever makeup I liked off of the site to do a review/ tutorial on. I had not heard of the website before so I spent quite some time browsing the site before I made up my mind with regard to what I wanted to do. I was very impressed with the variety of products on the site and also the pricing. The site has everything from makeup to clothing, jewelry, stationary, toys, phone cases, nail art…the works!

 I had come across some of these products before from other companies however the ones on the Born Pretty Store won't break the bank. After hours of browsing and pondering over products I finally came to a decision about which products I was going to pick.
As you all know I love my colourful shadows so I picked a colourful eyeshadow palette and also a neutral palette. My items were so well packaged, they were wrapped in reams and reams of bubble wrap... they arrived safe and sound! I was super impressed with how efficiently the items were shipped out too, got them in no time!

Today I have a review of the 18 Color Eyeshadow Palette and also a tutorial on how to create a makeup look using some of the eyeshadows.
Over the next couple of weeks I will be doing the same for the colorful eyeshadow palette I received, so you will see how to create a colorful and neutral makeup look. You get the best of both worlds!
The palette arrived enclosed within a black cardboard case with the company logo on the front. Upon opening the case the eyeshadows come in the same style packaging, a black plastic case with the Carmella logo stamped on the front. Plain and simple like almost all of these eyeshadow palettes, nothing over the top fancy!

From the pictures on the website I had expected the eyeshadows to be larger than those in standard eyeshadow palettes. When I opened the palette I was pleasantly surprised with how large the eyeshadows actually were. 
There are no matte eyeshadows in the palette they are all shimmery shadows which I didn't mind too much. Perhaps a matte black or a matte highlight shade would have been nice! 
Almost all of the eyeshadows are highly pigmented with the exception of a couple of the lighter shades. They do not have a chalky consistency and blend easily! With the use of an eyeshadow base or primer there is little to no fallout from the eyeshadows. That is handy for anyone who applies their foundation first! In the picture below the eyeshadows are swatted once, you can see for yourself just how pigmented they are!

The palette retails at $9.99.
In terms of Euro that works out around €7.39…bargain!
Born Pretty Store offers free shipping worldwide, they ship within 24 hours and there is no minimum spend! The palette and site in general is perfect for anyone starting out in makeup and wants to experiment with eyeshadows without spending a fortune!
Allison has given me a coupon code for subscribers and readers to use :)

I don't earn any money from the code I was just sent the palette :) 
On the whole I'm very happy with the palette and overall experience with the company. I'd highly recommend them to anyone :)
If you are interested in picking up this palette you can do so here.
For more information or to browse some various other products head over to
If you want to see how to create a look from the palette then just click on the play button below!

Enjoy :)
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