Friday 7 February 2014

Úr Makeup Flesh Tone Beauty Sponge

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Todays post is on a product from a newly set up Irish company called 
'Úr Makeup'. The brand was created and set up by makeup artist Nichola Graham. Nichola is well established in the industry having worked with some top brands such as Tv3, Diet Coke, Knor and Mistubishi over the past 14 years.
Nichola was a guest speaker back at a beauty blogger meet up I attended last October, this was when I first became aware of her company.
The main thing that struck me about her business was the fact that her cosmetics range is a non private labeling company, the first of its nature here in Ireland!
When Nichola got in contact with me with regard to trying out some of her range, I happily said yes :) I had high expectations and I'm pleased to say she didn't disappoint!

The first item I tried out was the flesh tone beauty sponge.
I have tried a few of these sponges from various different companies but to be honest I wasn't expecting my experience to be much different…..
thats where I was wrong!
I have been using this sponge for roughly a month now, aside from the application side of things the first thing that I noticed was the quality of the sponge. I have used it around every third day and I haven't noticed any wear and tear so far, which wasn't the case with some of the other sponges I picked up cheaply on eBay!

If you are unfamiliar with these beauty sponges you might not know exactly how they work. The beauty behind the sponge is that once it comes into contact with water it expands, almost doubling in size.
I know a common problem some people find with sponges is the fact that you end up using more foundation than you normally would if using a brush.
Due to the fact that you saturate the sponge first, this I find tends to stop the sponge absorbing the foundation.

Using úr Sponge 
(see what I did there huh huh)

  1. Turn on the tap and give the sponge a good soaking. 
  2. Make sure you squeeze it out really well, you just want the sponge to be a little bit damp.
  3. Take a foundation of choice apply to the back of your hand or to a palette.
  4. Using patting motions pick up the product with the sponge.
  5. Begin application!

I tend to use a couple of different motions to apply the foundation with the sponge. I roll the sponge across the skin and I lightly pounce the sponge over the skin. This way I get a light to medium coverage and a flawless application, absolutely no streaks to be seen!
As I like a full coverage look I roll the sponge into my pressed face powder, I then gently press the sponge onto the skin to avoid moving the foundation around underneath.

The shape to the sponge means you are not limited to just using it for foundation. The sponge has a fine tip which enables you to apply concealer in those hard to reach areas like under the eye area.

Lets talk price!

While I was able to pick up sponges on eBay for a pittance, they weren't very durable so it wasn't worth it constantly having to replace them.
Up until now I had been using my Blank Canvas Cosmetics Airbrush Blender Sponge which I love dearly. I've reviewed that here.
The BCC Sponge retails at €6.99 where as the Úr Makeup sponge costs €4.00
Its currently on sale €3.20 at the moment, even more so a bargain!
Ever since I've been introduced to the úr makeup sponge, my BCC one has just been gathering dust. As I am all about the bargains and ensuring I get the best value for my money, when the times comes that I need to purchase another sponge it'll be the úr makeup sponge I buy.

Lets wrap it up!

  • Affordable
  • Durable
  • Applies products flawlessly
  • Supporting an Irish Company
  • Readily Available 
  • Comes in different colours

If you are looking for a budget friendly sponge, this is the one to buy!
For more information head over to the site which you can find here.
Thanks for tuning in!
Eimear x

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  1. Sounds like a nice enough sponge to stock your kit. Thanks, think I'll check out her range and see what's up! :D