Monday 8 July 2013

The Urban Decay Naked Palette Review

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Oh the infamous Naked Palette..
I have been dying to get my hands on this palette since it came out in 2010.
I have spent countless hours watching makeup tutorials with the palette on Youtube, I have read numerous blog posts and I can safely say I'm guilty of drooling over swatches. Who wouldn't?..The shadows are simply divine!
At the back of my mind I also had to wonder after all this time if I did purchase the palette..would it live up to the hype?
The 12th of December 2012 was a glorious day, not just because it was my birthday but because I finally got my hands on the palette.
Best birthday present ever, thanks Laura!
I'm a little late hopping on the band waggon but I have hopped on all the same and after many months putting the palette to the test I finally have my review for you :)

Not only did I want the Naked Palette for myself but I had so many requests on YouTube to do tutorials using the palette and I was raging I didn't have it. 
Now I do and there is no stopping me..mwahaha >:)

I am not sure why..but I have always thought the palette looked good enough to eat! For some strange reason it reminded me of something one might see in Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory.....but that's just me haha!
I really like the design of the packaging. The twelve eyeshadows are cased within this chocolate brown felted material palette. On opening the palette you will see there is a mirror inside, which is always a plus as its perfect for travel. Sticking with the travel point, there is also a flat eyeshadow brush included in the palette which is extremely handy. To my pleasant surprise the brush is quite good quality, it picks up the shadow well and when used with a patting motion there is little to no eyeshadow fallout.

The palette includes 12 eyeshadows, 10 of which are shimmer and the remaining 2 are matte. The matte shadows in the palette are a light brown and a warm brown shade which are essential shadows in any palette in my opinion.
I love how neat the palette is. In particular, I like the placement of the shadow.
The first eyeshadow is a typical highlight shade and the shadows gradually work there way up to darker more intense colours such as deep greys/blacks.

'Naked' and 'Buck' are the two brown shadows in the palette.
Brown eyeshadows are essential in my daily makeup routine, I have found that I tend to delve into 'Buck' more so than 'Naked'.
Whether it is for setting my eyebrows in place after the use of a pencil, being swept in the crease of my eye to help with the blending process or being used to contour the hollows of my cheeks..Buck is an all rounder!

All of the eyeshadows in this palette are highly pigmented, easy to work with and blend beautifully across the eye lids. I find that a common problem with all eyeshadows is that when you blend two shadows together you can lose a bit of the intensity of the colour, another plus about these shadows is that they are buildable and offer amazing staying power especially with the use of the Primer Potion included in the set. 

I have been using the Primer Potion religiously since I received this palette. Again, the Primer Potion was another makeup item I had been curious about for far too long I'm not sure why I didn't pick it up sooner! 
The primer has a creamy consistency but not too creamy as when it is spread over the lid it dries to a slightly sticky consistency which really helps grasp the eyeshadows. I definitely find that my eyeshadows are more intense and last much longer with the use of the primer opposed to none at all. I'll definitely have to look into purchasing the full size when this one runs out!

(swatches in the order that they appear in the palette)

Without a shadow of a doubt (pun intended haw haw), my favourite thing about this palette is simply how versatile it is. My makeup artist kit is never without this palette I always end up using this palette on clients whether it be for bridal or just a typical night out. I have created a couple of looks with this palette with tutorials if you are interested in checking those out. I have created an everyday smokey eye followed by a smokey eye perfect for a night out.
 I'll leave a link to them below so you can see the palette in action for yourself!

It is definitely an investment at €42, it is a lot of money for an eyeshadow palette but it is worth every penny! I have been using this palette religiously since December and I have only almost hit pan on one of the eyeshadows.
The palette definitely lived up to all the hype.
I would recommend it to absolutely everyone, especially makeup artists this is one palette you need in your kit!

To see the palette in action just hit the play buttons below! :)

Thanks for tuning in guys!
Have a lovely day :)
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  1. Naked palette is all time favorite of mine. I love the vast selection in it and lovely shades. Nice review!!

    1. I just find myself constantly reaching for the palette, I love it! Thanks so much ) x

  2. This is one of my favorite palettes as well! I like it better than the naked 2 palette.

    1. I'm just after getting the Naked Palette 2, cant wait to start using it!