Sunday 21 July 2013

Cocoa Brown Night & Day Tan Mousse

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Today I have a fake tan review for you all. I really have not been able to get enough of the Cocoa Brown 1 Hour Tan and Marissa's latest edition to the range is no exception! I have reviewed the 1 hour tan on the blog already if you haven't read that you can click here!

This is Marissa Carters second fake tan and just like the first it continues to take the market by storm.
 Marissa strives to improve her product while maintaining all the great pro's such as the absence of an unpleasant fake tan 'biscuit smell' all thanks to the delightful floral scent the Tahitian Gardenia extract ingredient gives off.  
Cocoa Brown remains kind to sensitive skin which is a major plus for me as I suffer from eczema and have never experienced any outbreaks or skin irritation problems with the tan!
Of course the very affordable price remains unchanged at just €7.99 a bottle giving you a very high quality product without the huge price tag!

As you all know I am a sucker for packaging and as you can see for yourselves that the latest offering from Marissa Carter looks as glorious as ever.
Without a shadow of a doubt it is another bottle that I can sit proudly on my vanity area. Marissa has cleverly designed the bottle to depict the transformation of the tan from night to day in an instant.

One of the great factors about the Cocoa Brown Night & Day Tan is that it dries instantly meaning you can literally leave the house almost as quickly as you've put it on! This makes for a great time saver or for those last minute jobs as once its applied all you have to do is pop your clothes on and your good to go.

The tan is at its peak when it has just been applied, when you shower the next day it leaves a light tan similar to one you would get if you left the 1 hour tan on for an hour, and this tan lasts for up to 5 days fading away gradually each day. Neither of the fake tans from the Cocoa Brown range come off in patches so there is no need to fret about the tan becoming streaky after each wash!

With the combination of the mousse formula and the Cocoa Brown mitt you can apply and blend the tan with ease without having to worry about any streaks forming on the skin. The mousse formula also adds to the cost effectiveness of the product as it expands a vast amount when it is sprayed. 
Remember a little goes a long way :) 
Another nice minor pro to add was that the fake tan mitt did not shrink in the wash, I've never experienced this with any other mitt I have purchased. 
I usually have to buy a brand new mitt after a few applications which is quite the pain!

Onto the results!
As you can see from the picture above there is a remarkable difference between the leg using the Cocoa Brown tan and the leg without.
The great thing about this tan is that regardless of your skin tone, the tan will adapt to your skin leaving you with a gorgeous "Cocoa Brown" colour, never orange!

In the picture above I have just applied the Cocoa Brown Night & Day tan.
As you can see I have an even, flawless, bronzed complexion..and I'm ready for my night out :)

In the picture above I have showered the day after applying the Night & Day tan, resulting in a nice healthy glow which lasts up to 5 days. I noted that the tan lasted for a good 4 days after I applied the Night & Day tan, on the fifth day all residue of the tan had faded away.

In the picture above I have no fake tan on whatsoever. This is how I look on a daily basis, typical Irish girl! I have quite pale skin, more so pale than the picture shows. You can see clearly the progression of the tan from the photos above. Despite my very pale complexion, the Cocoa Brown tan leaves my skin with a natural yet deep would think I've been sunning myself in the Bahamas for the past couple of weeks!

There is over 1,300 pharmacies in Ireland and Cocoa Brown is stocked in over 1,200 of those which is an overwhelming number. Not to worry if your not living in Ireland as the tan is also sold on and they offer free delivery world wide!

All in all the new Cocoa Brown surpasses its expectations, I could not be more pleased with this tan..its absolutely fanTANstic :)

For more information about the new Cocoa Brown Night & Day tan head over to the Cocoa Brown Facebook page:

Have you tried the new Cocoa Brown tan, let me know! 
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  1. I just bought the CB Night and Day and I'm kicking myself cause I didn't see it's a wash-off tan. When I read the "dark by night, light by day" I honestly thought it adapts to the light somehow lol Will try it but next time I'll definitely buy the 1 hour tan.

  2. Can i marry you? Never less than any Angel of heaven.