Tuesday 2 July 2013

Blank Canvas Cosmetics Airbrush Blender Sponge

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I think everyone at this stage has heard of the Beauty Blender, I heard about it a couple of years ago from some of the beauty guru's on YouTube.
It seemed that everyone was raving about this little pink sponge.
 Naturally, curiosity got the better of me so I looked online to see what the big fuss was about. The first thing I always look at is the price and my god this has a hefty price tag..almost $20 for a sponge. Yes, a sponge.
I never really thought that a sponge would be any use for me personally when applying foundation and I most certainly was not going to part with that kind of money! When I was at the Beauty Show in the RDS back in March I popped over to the Blank Canvas Cosmetics stand and I picked up one of their sponges, I had been meaning to for awhile as their sponges are only €6.99!
A lot cheaper than the Beauty Blender!

The beauty behind this sponge is that in doubles in size once it comes into contact with water. One of the reasons that I didn't think the sponge would work well for me was because I thought it might just soak up my foundation.
As the sponge is used while damp this is not the case. 
Ensure to well saturate the sponge and give it a good squeeze out, then its ready for use!

I use the sponge to apply my concealer, foundation and face powder.
I find that as the sponge is used while damp, it gives a light to medium coverage to the foundation but it also gives a dewy and natural appearance to the skin. Personally I like a full coverage look which is why I use the sponge to apply my face powder. This way, I am still getting a flawless finish to my foundation just with a little bit extra coverage.

The shape of the sponge allows you to apply products with ease.
The tip of the sponge enables me to get right into the inner corners of my eyes and blends out my concealer to a beautiful finish.
I like to apply my eye makeup prior to foundation so I can clean up any fallout from the eyeshadows. I always opt for a more elongated shape to my shadows opposed to rounded, I use the tip of the sponge to also sharpen up the edges of my eyeshadow with concealer giving me an exaggerated cat eye appearance which I adore. The sponge fits nicely in the palm of my hand, I find that because the sponge curves in at the sides I can grip it better opposed to if it was just rounded in shape.
Generally I use the tip and side of the sponge to apply my concealer and to stipple and roll on my foundation. Followed by using the base of the sponge to press on my face powder this way I can really work it into the skin.
Afterwards I go in with a clean face brush and lightly sweep over the face to ensure the foundation and powder are blended seamlessly into the skin rather than caked on top of it.

The Blank Canvas Cosmetics Airbrush Blender Sponge comes in 4 colours in this style. Pink, Yellow, Purple and Lilac. Blank Canvas Cosmetics also stock a rounded baby pink sponge. As I said above these sponges cost only €6.99 so they are very inexpensive in comparison to the Original Beauty Blender.
I have found the sponge to be of a very high quality, I've noticed no splitting or tearing of the sponge whatsoever and I have been using the sponge frequently since March.
I couldn't recommend the sponge more :)
If you want to see how to apply concealer, foundation and powder using the sponge then just click on the video link below!

For more information head over to 

Thanks a million for tuning in guys, hope you enjoyed the review/tutorial!
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  1. I LOVE using my beauty blender for my concealer, it makes me wonder who I ever used anything else!

    Going to try it for applying powder now like you said!

    Leona @ http://lolarose1.blogspot.ie/

    1. The only time I'm not using it is when I'm waiting for it to dry after washing it haha! Awh its just fantastic for powder, I adore it!

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