Friday 28 February 2014

Úr Makeup Reusable Mascara Wands

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If you have been reading the blog lately you might remember I did a post only a little while ago on a makeup sponge from the Irish company, Úr Makeup.
If you missed out on that post, not to worry! You can find it by clicking here.
Along with the sponge I was sent out a range of their reusable mascara wands to put to the test. Challenge accepted >:)

It was music to my ears…..reusable.
As a makeup artist it goes without saying excellent hygiene is of extreme importance when it comes to clients and the application of makeup.
For this reason makeup artists use disposable mascara wands for applying mascara on clients. Now let me tell you, those wands do not come cheap by any means. I cannot remember off of the top of my head but I am almost certain I paid €4.00 or more for a pack of 25 disposable wands in a salon services. When you have to use one per eye on a client you don't be long running out of those little wands! 
The fact that the Úr Makeup wands are reusable is just so convenient along with the fact you can choose from various different styles of wands.
For me personally I find that the mascara wand that comes in the tube of mascara is just as important as the mascara formula itself.
One cannot work without the other!  

Now lets take a closer look at the styles :)

First up we have this hour glass shaped wand, a favourite of mine IF it is the right size. Úr Makeup have hit the nail on the head. Unlike the mascara wand in the Rimmel ScandalEyes Retro Glam Mascara (reviewed here), the Úr Makeup one is smaller in size. As a result, I can use the wand to coat every lash without coating my eyelid too haha! So its a thumbs up for this wand :)

This next mascara wand I would consider a standard wand, its just a simple straight shaped mascara wand. No comments or complaints other than it applies the mascara well! Another nice thing about this wand is that the tip of is actually great for coating the outer corner lashes.

Next we have this spiked sphere shaped wand, out of the bunch this is probably my least favourite. I had a feeling before I even used this one that I wouldn't like it. I'm pretty sure it was a L'Oreal mascara I had that had a sphere shaped wand…and I hated it. 
I just can't get that 'fanned out' lash effect with this wand I get more of a 'spider lash' effect…not a good look. 
However, the wand is good for reaching those very corner lashes and giving them the love they need! I find it just too awkward and time consuming having to use two different wands, one to separate and add volume to my lashes and the other to extend the very outer corner lashes. Especially when the above mascara wand does a pretty decent job on the corner lashes! So a thumbs down on this one for me I'm afraid!

Lastly we have these ever so slightly curved mascara wands.
Again, like the hour glass shaped wands, these are a favourite of mine. 
The curve in the wand I find really helps to lift the lashes and give that volume ever girl longs for. This was actually the wand I used to apply the Rimmel mascara, as you can see from the picture below the results speak for themselves. Big thumbs up from me!

I find the best way to use the wands is to dip them into the mascara tube (obviously) and then swivel the wand at the top of the tube to remove any build up of mascara. You just want a light layer of mascara on the wand so you don't end up applying too much product to your lashes otherwise its clump city!
With regard to cleaning the wands I just use hot soapy water and give them a good scrub to remove the dried mascara. I have noticed the pink wands fade a bit in colour but that to me isn't anything to worry about, just something to note.

The different types of wands vary in price, the very least you will pay is €4.99 for a packet of 20 and the most you will pay €8.99 for a packet of 40.
There is currently 20% off those prices too on their website, happy days!
Overall I think its a really nice product and its affordable, along with the fact it will save you money in the long run too!
Don't forget, you are not limited to using the wands on your eyes…
from time to time I use them to comb through my brows :)
For more information head over to the Úr Makeup site which can be found here.

Hope you enjoyed the review and let me know what you think of these wands.
Would you be interested in trying them out?
Eimear x


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