Tuesday 25 February 2014

Roger & Gallet Cédrat Eau Fraiche Parfumée

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I have said it before and I will say it again, I am addicted to scents.
Whether it be candles, moisturizers or perfumes…if it smells good I simply must have it! I'm the girl that friends will ask 'Do you have some perfume?'…so in other words 'Eimear, I know you have perfume stashed away in that handbag of yours…gimmie some!'
Yes that would be true, I never leave the house without a fragrance in my handbag. I love giving myself a quick little spritz throughout the day to make sure I'm still smelling sweet! I have rather a large perfume collection but the funny thing is I don't think I have purchased a single one of them.
I'm almost certain that all of the perfumes in my collection have been gifts from either birthdays, Christmases or both!…I wouldn't have it any other way :)
As you can imagine when Christmas came around this year, it didn't come as surprise when I found myself unwrapping a few boxes of perfume. 
This was just one of the lovely perfumes I was gifted and boy was I excited!

Roger & Gallet is a brand that I was only introduced to around this time last year. Lisa from Scatterbrained Blogging had a post up on one of their fragrances and I was intrigued to say the least! It was only when I was in my local pharmacy that I spotted a Roger & Gallet stand. I don't know how long it had been there, if it had been there before and I had passed it by or if I was only recognizing it now because I had read a post on it….who knows!
Ah I remember it like it was yesterday, I curiously pottered over to the stand picked up one of the perfumes and had a little sniff. 
Followed by that I drenched myself in the scent haha!
Fleur d'Osmanthus was the first from the range that I fell in love with.
From that day anytime I was in the shopping centre I couldn't resist going into the pharmacy and having a cheeky spritz.
Fast forward a few months later and I have one of the perfumes to add to my ever growing collection. I let out a little squeal when I unwrapped it Christmas morning, finally no more sneaky spritzing in the chemist I now had one of my very own!

First of all I am not by any means great at describing fragrances, I'm actually quite terrible to be honest haha! Thankfully for your benefit the perfume notes are listed on the Roger & Gallet website. Hopefully with the combination of the notes and my two cents on the perfume, you will have a pretty good idea about how this perfume smells.
Lets get down to business!

Top Notes: Cédrat, Grapefruit, Mint and Water Fruit.
Middle Notes: Cardamon and Basil, Spiced with an Ozone Blend.
Base Notes: Cedar, Vetiver, Musk and White Amber.

In a nutshell 'Cédrat' or as in English 'Citron' is a citrus scent, however with the blend of all of the above ingredients it is so much more than that!
Judging by the name of the fragrance, I expected it to be very sweet and fruity but I was pleasantly surprised. On first spraying it you will notice the fruity scent which is down to the top notes, but thats as far as the fruity goes. The middle notes definitely give the fragrance a bit of 'umph' while in my opinion, the base notes are the most evident.
Overall the fragrance is some what fruity but with a musky, almost masculine feel to it. It is probably for that very reason that the boyfriend picked this out for me for Christmas, it was his favourite from the range!
With the inclusion of the woody base notes, I definitely think this could double up as a unisex fragrance.

It was only when I was sitting down to write this review that I noticed something interesting on the box. Roger & Gallet have labeled this 'perfume' as a 'fresh fragrant water'. I was a bit baffled by that as I would have assumed a fragrance water would have been something light and not heavily scented. 
However this fragrance couldn't be further from my assumption, I found that the scent lingered on my skin hours after I had applied it!

There are a a variety of different fragrances within the range which come in two sizes, a 30ml bottle and a 100ml bottle.
The 30ml retails anywhere from €17 to €20 depending on where you purchase it from while the 100ml will set you back around €40. Not unreasonable prices by any means in my opinion! I cannot wait to pick up some more from the range….
Fleur d'Osmanthus I've got my eye on you ;)

Have you tried any of the range? 
I'd love to hear your thoughts!
Eimear x


  1. I love this perfume! The perfect sprint scent. I just did a review about it yesterday :)

    1. Its gorgeous isn't it! Lovely for all year round, in particular Spring/Summer :) x

  2. hey hun as always a great blog and I love your stuff so I've awarded you a Liebster Award! Congratulations, you deserve it! xx http://mylifemyblogzane.wordpress.com/2014/03/02/another-award-the-liebster-award/