Monday 3 March 2014

The Body Shop Ginger Sparkle Body Butter

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What feels like only yesterday, in November I picked up quite a few products in The Body Shop. Its hard to believe that we are heading into March already…where does the time go at all! Anyway, I decided to pop in after seeing some of my favourite bloggers blogging about the new ranges for Christmas 2013.
I had my eye on a few products from their posts so it was only natural that I went in and had a little sniff and swatch for myself.
In that visit I picked up the '4 Step Smokey Eye: Smokey Brown' eyeshadow palette and also the '101 Color Crush' lipstick, you can see those both in action here. When I went up to the counter to pay for my items the girl behind the counter told me if I spent 'X' amount more I could avail of the offer on the body butters. I think the offer could have been if you €30 or more in store you could get a body butter for €5.00! The Body Shop are known for their body butters, I adore them so at this price I couldn't pass up that offer.
I ended up picking up something really small like a nail buffer to make up the price difference and off I went to select my body butter.
The girl that was serving me brought me down to show me the range of butters that were on display. Before I even went to look at the butters I knew I wanted the Coconut one, I think its the only one I have ever purchased.
 I am obsessed.
However, after having a little sniff of some of the other butters I thought maybe just maybe I would try something different for a change.
I decided I would pick up one of the limited edition butters from the Christmas range. It didn't take me long to come to a decision, for me the ginger body butter stood out a mile! I popped back up to the till and paid for my items, I left the store bag in hand grinning like a Cheshire Cat. It was a good day :)

Can we all just take a second to appreciate how cute the packaging is?
I adore the little gingerbread man, massive thumbs up from me!
I was sold on this body butter before I even knew what it smelled like, damn packaging gets me every time!
If you are familiar with The Body Shops body butters you will know that they are thick and creamy body moisturizers that vary in texture. As I briefly mentioned above, this 'flavor' of body butter was limited edition for the festive season. Fingers crossed it will be back again for this Christmas because it absolutely divine.
The Ginger Sparkle Body Butter has a warm, rich, spicy ginger aroma to it…as the name suggests. On that point actually with regard to the sparkle I noticed little to none in my tub anyway. Sparkle or no sparkle though it didn't matter to me either way, I just love the scent and moisturizing properties haha!
Suitable for all skin types, I love how creamy and luxurious this butter is.
I always apply it at night time, after my shower I will slather a generous amount over my body. I have dry skin and it definitely hydrated my skin leaving it feeling silky smooth. I also love how the scent lingers on the skin, I could still smell the butter on my skin the next morning. I would say it lasts around a maximum of 10 hours on the skin which is amazing.
Coming into march now, I have been using it regularly since I bought it and its still going strong. I haven't even hit pan yet!
They may seem pricey upfront, but a little goes a long way so you really get value for your money with these body butters.

On the whole it was an amazing edition to the range.
Please bring it back again this Christmas *cheesy grin*

Were you lucky enough to pick up this butter when it was available?
What did you think of it :)
Eimear x

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