Monday 3 February 2014

Bumble and Bumble Thickening Hairspray

Hey Everyone!
Hope you all are well :)

Waaaay back in August when I was coming home from Leeds Festival I had around a 6 hour wait in the airport for my flight home. 
We had to leave the camping arena quite early so we were up and packed by around 11am. By the time we got the bus back into Leeds and then actually got into the airport it was 1 o clock, the flight wasn't until 7 -_-
I didn't mind so much purely due to the fact I was absolutely wrecked, chilling in the airport suited me down to the ground!
To make the wait a little easier I went to the shop, picked up some playing cards and a magazine. While I was browsing through the magazines I spotted Septembers issue of Elle magazine which had a free Bumble and Bumble spray included.
I had heard of the company before and knew they were a more high end hair care brand so I decided this buy was a bit of a steal!

Now, there is a reason why I am only reviewing this nearly 5 months after I purchased the magazine. I simply could not think of one positive thing to say about the spray. I have been using it on and off the last few months trying my best to get the product to work with my hair but for me it is just no use!

My hair is quite fine, straight and lacks volume altogether. The fact that my hair is quite long probably doesn't help with the volume side of things!
As you can imagine I was hoping that this little spray would be the answer to all my problems.
Bumble and Bumble claim that

 This spray lifts and holds all hair types (thin, thick, or otherwise). Use it for for blow-drying, setting, protecting from heat, adding volume, lifting, controlling, and finishing any style.

After I got out of the shower I towel dried my hair and sprayed the product throughout the roots where I wanted some volume.
I blowed dried my hair while waiting for the magic to happen…
nothing happened haha!
Firstly, I cannot stand the smell of the spray.
I can't put my finger on what the scent actually is, maybe an off coconut smell?…either way it isn't pleasant.
Once I had finished blow drying my hair I noticed the texture was a little different, my hair looked as if it was weighed down with product.
 I had the furthest thing from voluminous hair to my disappointment.

I generally have to wash my hair daily, I could go a second day without washing it if I wanted to by applying some dry shampoo..but most of the time I'd rather have it looking and feeling fresh!
I most certainly could not go a second day after using the thickening spray, not even with some dry shampoo. You could make a fry on my head haha!

I had tried using this product in many different ways but unfortunately it just doesn't work for me. I'm glad I only picked it up free in a magazine because to my knowledge Bumble and Bumble products do not come cheap!
A 250ml bottle of this bad boy will set you €26 over on

Have you tried any of the range, what are your thoughts? :)

Eimear x


  1. Its a pity that this one didn't work for you as other peeps seem like it. I haven't used Bumble products yet as I find them a bit overpriced..

    1. I know I was raging :( I had read so many rave reviews! Me either I would never have purchased it myself due to the price which was why I jumped at the chance when it was free in the mag!