Friday 20 September 2013

Collection Smokey Eyes Palette #3 Smokey

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Today I have an eyeshadow palette review for you all.
I have been looking around trying to find some budget buys for my cheap and cheerful series that I am currently doing. 
First stop...Boots!

Currently there are tonnes and tonnes of offers on across different ranges in Boots. As I was browsing through the different stands I wasn't seeing anything that was jumping out at me...until I came to the Collection stand.
I think the only things I have ever tried from Collection was a tinted moisturiser and a green concealer back when I was 14 and they were called Collection 2000. I have been lusting over the much hyped Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer, however each time I have popped in it has been out of stock! Well in the ghostly shade that I want anyway :)

On the Collection stand there was an offer running:
Buy one get one half price
Buy 2 get the cheapest one half price

FINALLY, I found the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer in the shade 'Fair' in stock in the Boots on Grafton Street. I picked that up along with this beautiful eyeshadow palette that caught my eye.

I love the packaging, it stood out from every other eyeshadow palette on display in there! On the reverse side of the palette it explains to you how to create the smokey eye look. I always like to see this on the palette as the step by steps are great for everyone, especially beginners! 
Inside the palette you will find 9 eyeshadows each labelled either 
'Dark', 'Light' or 'Medium', meaning you have the option of creating 3 entirely different looks..minimum!

To use the palette, Collection suggest the following steps:
1. Blend the Medium shade over the eyelid.
2. Brush the Dark shade from the outer corner and blend to the centre of the lid. For more impact, sweep along the lower lash line.
3. Use the light shade to highlight the brow bone.
4. Brighten the inner corner of the eye with the cream.

Starting with the first row, as you can see from the swatch below the light shade is almost non existent. I only swatched the shadow once on my arm, for the white to appear on the skin you needed 2-3 layers of the shadow.

Here is the look I created using the palette :)

I love the second row of shadows. The three shadows are highly pigmented and give off such a beautiful sheen when blended across the eye lid.

Here is how they look in action :)

This is a swatch of the third row. In this row we have a medium shade, a dark shade, followed by a cream shade. We have two different highlight shades we can choose between and the cream shade is used in all three makeup looks as a highlight around the tear duct of the eye.

Here is the third look :)
I decided to use the medium and dark shade on the third row, followed by the pink iridescent 'light' shade on the second row as my brow bone highlight.

I am extremely impressed with the quality and pigmentation of these shadows.
All of the eyeshadows in the palette except for the white shade are very vibrant with just one swatch of the colours. This was the only palette of the range available in Boots at the time I was in the store. After looking up online I am definitely interested in checking out some more...especially the more colourful ones! 

I picked up the palette and the concealer for around €9!
The palette is around €6 which is only €2 per makeup look I think we can all agree that Bargain Hunter Byrne strikes again >:)

If you would like to see how I created the three makeup looks, just click on the play button below! Hope you enjoy the tutorial :D 

Thanks a million for tuning in guys.
See you in my next video/review!
Eimear x

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