Thursday 12 September 2013

Selena Gomez 'Come & Get It' Inspired Makeup Tutorial

Hey Everyone!
Hope you all are well :)

As you may have guessed from the title today I have a Selena Gomez inspired makeup look for you all. I actually think this could be my first celebrity makeup tutorial..which is kind of strange I guess seeing as I have nearly uploaded 100 videos! That thought in itself is mind blowing haha!
I think I have one more tutorial after this to go up before I start my Halloween tutorials...EEEEEEP! 
LOVE this time of year :)

Anyway, back to Selena!
The makeup in the music video is just simply stunning, I had to do a look based off of it. I researched a good bit before I sat down to record the tutorial.

The makeup look I liked the most in the video was the very intense almost arabic smokey eye, its to die for!
So that was the look I decided to go for :)

Luckily I found a link to some behind the scenes pictures of Selena while she was recording the music video. The still shots really did give me a better idea of what the makeup was like so if you are interested, check out the link below!

Products Used:

Nyx Eyebrow Kit with Stencils for Brunettes (review here)

Avon Eyeshadow Primer 
Inglot Matte 352 (highlight shade)
Urban Decay 'Buck' (warm brown shade)
Urban Decay 'Naked' (light brown shade)
Inglot Pearl 405 (coppery gold shade)
Urban Decay 'Half Baked' (rich gold shade)
Inglot Amc Shine 08 (light gold shade)
Inglot Matte 329 (dark brown)
Inglot Amc 63 (black)
Nyx Satin Finish Black Eyeliner (review here)
Mally Volumizing Mascara


L'oreal Lumi Magique Foundation 'C2 Rose Porcelain'
Catrice Skin Finish Compact Powder '010 Transparent'
Sleek Contour Kit 'Light' (review here)


Bourjois Levres Contour '20 Rouge Soyeux'
Inglot Lipstick Rouge A Levres 19

If you would like to see how I created the look above,
just click on the play button below!

Thanks for tuning in guys!
Talk soon,
Eimear x


  1. Stunning!! Arabic Eye makeup with shimmery look is beautiful !!
    Mirela |

    1. I know I love it! Definitely going to have to do an Arabic Eye Makeup look, just love how dramatic they are! Thanks so much :) x