Monday, 27 May 2013

Sleek MakeUP Face Contour Kit 'Light' Review

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Long time know chat!
Finally my exams are out of the way so I can focus all my attention on blogging and filming makeup tutorials...yaaaay!
Today I have for you all a review of the Sleek Contour Kit in the shade 'Light'.
As most of you all know by now I could pass as a Twilight extra, so I need a contour shade that isn't too dark against my ghostly skin.

(Highlighter: Pressed Powder 19. Bronzer: Pressed Powder 21)

I have used the exact same bronzer and highlighter combination since around October 2011, which is quite evident based on the picture above!
Once I find a product I like and that works for me, I use it religiously. I'm not too open to change but I'm getting better at putting new products to the test.
A couple of months ago I decided to venture outside the comfort zone and step away from my beloved Inglot highlighter and bronzer duo and try the much hyped up Sleek Contour Kit. 

Once I removed the packaging and revealed the palette I noticed the design was almost identical to that of the eyeshadow palettes. I adore the packaging.
Simple, sleek and sturdy!
The palette is compact and it comes with a decent size mirror making it ideal for travel.

As I mentioned above, I picked up the kit in the shade 'Light'. Sleek MakeUP also offer this product in the shades 'Medium' and 'Dark'.
The kit includes a matte brown contour shade and a pearlescent highlighter shade.
The first thing I noticed with the kit was that the contour shade is larger than the highlighter shade, opposed to a 50/50 split.
I was happy to see this as although I use both on a daily basis, I find I use up my contour shade quicker as you might have noticed in the picture of the Inglot palette above.
I am extremely impressed with this kit!
The contour shade is perfect for us paler ladies, it isn't orange and doesn't give a mucky appearance to the skin which I find to often be the case with bronzers.
Using my Sigma F05 Small Contour Brush I sweep the contour shade along the hollows of my cheeks, from time to time followed by the jawline and temples.
I then use my Blank Canvas Cosmetics F15 Small Contour/Highlighter Brush to highlight the areas of my face where the light would naturally hit. I prefer to use this brush as it tapered allowing me to glide the product over the high points of my face with ease. I generally tend to highlight down the centre of my nose, the tops of my cheeks and above my cupids bow. I have found that the highlight shade also acts as a gorgeous brow bone highlight!

I have found that the contour kit enhances my features giving definition and structure to my face with ease!
I absolutely adore this product and would recommend it to anyone who struggles to find a contour shade for pale skin. Its an absolute gem!
I picked mine up from for only €9.95, another bargain buy for Eimear! :)
Here's to the next year and a half together 

Have you tried the contour kit?
What are your thoughts? :)
Eimear x


  1. Ooh I never tried it cause it always looked quite dark but if it suits you it should hopefully be ok for me, yay :D

    1. Yeah I was really iffy about trying it at first because it looked waaay too dark....YOLO haha! A little goes a long long way, I use a tiny bit at a time and then build it up :)

  2. I love the Sleek contour kit! I got mine with the additional blush but mainly just use the contour and hilight:) My absolute fave!

  3. Too amazing! Its just so flattering on pale skin! :)

  4. i love you you did your eyeshadow in the picture!

  5. Thanks for the review!