Monday 3 June 2013

Nivea Pure Diamond Eyeshadow

Hey Everyone!
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where to start, *sigh*
We have a love/hate relationship...mostly hate.
I absolutely adore the Cleansing Milk, I have found to date that there are only a handful of cleansers I can use that do not irritate my skin and this is one!
The Cleansing Facial wipes I found were absolutely diabolical. 
The wipes were very dry to the touch and didn't remove a morsel of makeup. The next morning my skin was very hot and I had a rash across my cheeks, the wipes simply did not agree with my skin. I've had the same problem with some of Nivea's body washes they left my skin feeling hot and bothered...not happy!

When I saw the eyeshadows I'm not really sure why I thought they might actually be of some use?....they really weren't.
Not much of a loss to me thankfully as I picked these shadows up for €1.49 in Dealz. I picked them up purely out of curiosity, I didn't know Nivea had a line of eyeshadows so I thought for the price I would try them out.

The first eyeshadow I picked up was
Nivea Pure Diamond 'Magnetic Browns/485'

As you can see the eyeshadow is divided in three. There is:
A Vanilla Shade 
A Copper Shade and
A Dark Brown Shade

All of the eyeshadows in the pan had a shimmer finish to them.
I was so excited to use these in a tutorial as I could have created a nice eyeshadow look with just the eyeshadows in this pan. 
They would have been the perfect shades for Summer and would have complemented blue eyes nicely!

In the picture above I had to literally swatch each of the eyeshadows at least 6 or 7 times for them to show up on the skin. Very disappointing.

The second eyeshadow I picked up was called 
Nivea Pure Diamond Eyeshadow 'Majestic Greens/479'

Same idea again with this eyeshadow. 
In the pan you have a highlight shade, all over the lid shade and a contour shade to create depth.

Being that Emerald is the 'Pantone Colour of the Year' for 2013, I thought a tutorial using these eyeshadows would be perfect. Cheap and cheerful too!
Again unfortunately the eyeshadows in the pan were not all.
As I said it took around 6 or 7 swatches to get a good colour pay off, with regard to on the eyes it was a different story all together!

With the use of a primer an eyeshadow base and constant layering of was a no-go!..not even picture worthy as my eyes didn't look any different than before I started! Not even a hint of green.
I can't even begin to describe how poorly pigmented these eyeshadows are but for the price and the numerous duds I've came across from Nivea I suppose it should have been expected!

Not much of a loss thankfully but I don't think I'll be testing out anymore products from Nivea anytime soon unless I'm hearing major rave reviews!

Do you have any favourite products from Nivea?
Let me know! :)
Eimear x


  1. WHAT? Nivea do eyeshadows?? where did you find them? Pity they look a bit shite :/

    1. Haha my thoughts exactly when I spotted them! I got them in Dealz in Dun Laoghaire, yeah they are terrible!

  2. Didn't even know they did eyeshadows but definitely will be turning a blind eye to them if they swatch that badly!

  3. Replies
    1. Haha I know I thought I was seeing things, I didn't know they did eyeshadows!

  4. Nivea?? Eye shadows?? Even I haven't heard about this before. I feel these eye swatches are not so appealing.

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