Thursday 14 March 2013

Sleek iDivine Acid Palette Review

Hey Everyone!
Hope you all are well :)

As you all know by now I am a huge fan of colour.
So it may surprise you that I only purchased the acid palette recently....
shame on me!
My first Sleek purchase was the brights palette, I have reviewed that too you can check that out here. Because I bought this I didn't want to pick up the acid palette although I heard lots about it, purely because I found the palettes to be quite similiar colour wise. I only bought the brights palette first because it was a new palette, I always had planned on purchasing the acid palette too :)

Like the other Sleek palettes I own they come in this compact form. The design is plain and simply, very classy. You may notice the Sleek logo on this palette differs to the logo on the brights palette. Personally I prefer this design but hey its whats on the inside that counts so lets take a look!

As you can see from the snap above the colours are extremely vibrant, oh they are just divine! I can safely say that the colours are as pigmented on the eyes as they are in the pan. There is nothing worse than buying an eyeshadow to find it has little to no colour pay off, even with the use of bases and primers!
Thankfully this hasn't been the case with any of the sleek eyeshadows I've used..pheeew!

You can go for a really colourful smokey eye or you can opt for the traditional black smokey eye with this palette, I bet you all know what I went for.
Thats right, colourful!
I tried to squash as many colours on my eyelids as possible and I am really happy with the end result!

I used a white base underneath the shadows so that they would show up as vibrantly as possible and last all day long too.
I like the consistency of the eyeshadows they are a little chalky however with the use of a base they was little to no fall out down my cheeks.

I purchased this palette from Irish Online Beauty Retailer Beauty Emporium.
This palette set me back €9.99 and can be found here.
Sleek palettes are super affordable, extremely high quality, compact and convenient for travel. 
As usual I'm very pleased with my purchase from Sleek, I would highly recommend this palette to anyone who would like to experiment with colour!
If you would like to see how I created the look above you can click on the play button below :)

Thanks for tuning in guys!
I want to know have you tried any Sleek products, if so what are your favs!
Eimear x


  1. This look is amazing and it came out really amazing. I will not wear it because I am not that person that likes bright eyeshadows on my eyelid but this look that you created is amazing for a photoshot on someone that wants bright colours and what to be adventures. You make a great job keep it up. If you want to visit my blog:

  2. Ohh my god these colours are beautiful! You made such a beautiful look with all of these. I'm so bad for wearing colours, I always stick to my browns but this looks so pretty on you!