Sunday 17 March 2013

Essence Vintage District 01 Its Popul-Art Blush

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I was recently in my local chemist picking up my prescription, while I was waiting I decided to browse the makeup counters.
I noticed Essence had released a new collection 'Vintage District' to be exact.
Out of the selection that was on display I was immediately drawn to this blush.

01 Its Popul-Art

I seldom wear blush, I usually tend to wear bronzer or blusher only, very rarely the two of them together. My face can look a bit too over done as I tend to go quite dramatic with my eyes.
I must admit I am guilty of purchasing this purely because of how pretty it looks. Thankfully, it looks as lovely on the skin as it does in the pan!

01 Its Popul-Art is the most gorgeous peachy/coral shade of blush with a beautiful pressed floral design. I love the fact that this blush is multi purpose.
You have the option of using the matte peachy/coral shade as a flush across the cheeks, the golden floral pattern works wonders to add a golden sheen to the tops of the cheeks (perfect for the Spring/Summer months!) or you can swirl the two shades together for a gorgeous golden glow!

In the pictures I swirled my brush around the pan so that I had a combination of the two shades. The blush is highly pigmented, I tapped off any excess product so that I would not have too much on my cheeks giving a clown effect! Don't worry if you do apply too much blush though its an easy mistake, just go back in with your foundation brush and blend it out.

I was very happy with how easily the blush applied to my cheeks.
Its quite soft but not chalky and its really easy to blend.
I applied this before I went out to work and it lasted the entire day, there was very little fading of colour and it didn't go patchy on my skin. 
I'm extremely impressed for such a cheaply priced product.

The only downside to this product is that it is limited edition.
If you can still get your hands on it take full advantage, its such a beautiful product and very reasonably priced at approximately €4.25.

Another brilliant bargain buy from Essence :)
Did you get a chance to pick up any products from the range?
Let me know!

Eimear x

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