Friday 9 November 2012

Nyx Jumbo Eye Pencil 'Milk'

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This is a review that is long over due! Before I started really practising makeup myself, I watched makeup tutorials religiously on Youtube. One of the guru's that I have watched for years is Leesha from 'xsparkage'. I was (and still am) completely mesmerised by her unique, creative and colourful makeup tutorials so much that I started my own. I noted that Leesha used Nyx Jumbo Pencil in 'Milk' as her eyeshadow base in almost every video. So much so that when she didn't use it in a tutorial, comments built up under the video wondering where it was ha! 
I decided if I was going to do makeup tutorials on Youtube I was going to do it right. I began sifting through a list of products in my mind, of what I would need for my first tutorial. I rarely wear neutral makeup as most of you may have noted, I wear bold and colourful looks on a daily basis. 
These were the looks that I wanted to create on my Youtube channel, I wanted to be known for my own unique and colourful makeup tutorials :)

I don't use eyeshadow primers I never have I don't feel they are really necessary, I just go old school with a little foundation/ concealer and a light layer of powder on top!
Seeing as I create colourful makeup looks on a daily basis a white base seemed essential so I invested in a jumbo pencil. I started makeup tutorials on Youtube in July 2011 I purchased my very first jumbo pencil for my first Youtube video..and over a year later I am still on my first pencil! As you can clearly see my £4.50 has gone a very long way.

This product is quite creamy to an extent that if you apply too much on the eyelid instead of being a help its a hassle, it will make your eyeshadow crease. To prevent yourself from applying too much on the lid take any kind of brush, I find a fluffy blending brush works best, and blend the product over the eyelid. I apply the jumbo pencil anywhere I am going to be applying eyeshadow so that is always over the eyelid and up to the brow bone. 

After I have prepped my lids with foundation and powder I apply 'milk' everyday without fail.
The jumbo pencil really gives my eyeshadows something to stick to, the eyeshadows last a lot longer opposed to having no base and they appear more vibrantly on the lid also. I really can't praise this product enough! I also own Nyx Jumbo Pencil in 'Blackbean' which is a great way of creating a smokey eye if you are in a rush, apply a light layer all over the lid and blend it out. Apply a little bit of black eyeshadow overtop of the base to set it and you are good to go!


  • Affordable
  • Eyeshadows appear more vibrantly 
  • Eyeshadows last longer 
  • A little goes a long way
I have yet to come across a problem with this product. If I was to nit pick, when paring this product a lot is wasted in the parings. However, this isn't really a problem for me as I still have a quarter of my pencil left over a year later and I use the product on a daily basis. 

What is your favourite eyeshadow base? :)

Eimear x


  1. This jumbo Nyx was one of my first purchases "international" because in my country do not get the brand Nyx. but there is always e-bay hahaha
    It´s a fantastic product and I agree on everything you say.
    With very little product you can completely change your look can be creamy and various other uses.
    The one I bought I had only one flaw and that is was very difficult to sharpen, I have seen tutorials on youtube and say they must have the Nyx sharpener to use it.
    I could not get it so what I did was "depot" (? sorry mi english, next year i will go to school haha) and although I made a GREAT MESS in my kitchen, to achieve it and still use it perfectly.

    I intended to buy more colors, some kits that also sell e bay but I've done with the first palette of Sleek, and even reached this week and I have not had time to give the proper use seems to be a good alternative various colors =)

    A big kiss Eimear =)

    1. Exactly you just have to be careful with ebay, there are a lot of fakes on it!
      I got a pencil sharpener in Inglot, it is for big pencils I've no problem paring it :)
      I've never dried depotting, you would probably save a lot more product as some is wasted when you pair the pencil. Haha like you said its messy which is why I have avoided it!
      Thank you! :) X

  2. I can't pull my socks up and buy NYX online so I bought a Jumbo pencil in Sephora and use it alone or as a base. It's waterproof and I must work on it fast as when it gets dry it sets. And no way of creasing etc. I really love this Jumbo:) And also it makes the colours more vibrant. I've got three colours of these;p
    Apart from that I use Inglot Duraline as a base and I luv it:)
    xoxo Beautiful:*

    1. Yeah same its my all time favourite!
      Ooh I've never used duraline as a base before, I use it to make my inglot gel eyeliner more fluid again. I'd say duraline works well with pigments :)

    2. Yeah I use it to make eyeliners too but it does its job great as a base as well:) So do try it:)
      And I added it to my mascara that was almost gone, and after a week it turned out that actually I could use it for another month O_o lol
      yeah Duraline can be used to do many things:)

    3. Definitely going to try it with my mascara, thats a brilliant idea! Thanks for the comment :)