Sunday 11 November 2012

Blank Canvas Cosmetics 6 Contour Powder/ Blush Palette #2

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Today I have another product from Blank Canvas Cosmetics. As I said in my first post, when I placed my first order with Blank Canvas Cosmetics I ordered a number of palettes. This is the second out of the 3 palettes I own from BCC. As I got all the palettes I own in the one order, you can check out my last post about Blank Canvas Cosmetics here. I explain how well the product was packaged, how efficient the shipping was, customer service etc.

All of the Blank Canvas Cosmetics palettes are packaged in a black palette with the BCC logo on the front. As I have said previously I absolutely love the simplicity of the design, its classy and looks extremely professional.

This palette contains 6 large contour, blush and highlight shades. I love how large each of the powders is, this was the main reason I was immediately drawn to this palette. Its also handy having everything you need to sculpt the face in the one palette.
I primarily use this palette to set my foundation. I will talk you thorough how I use this palette when I am wearing 
  • Fake Tan

  • Daily Basis

With Fake Tan
I rarely wear fake tan, if I do it will be on the weekend if I was heading out on a Saturday night. 
If I am wearing tan I will use the first shade on the second row (light brown) to set my foundation.
I will then use the shade next to this (dark brown) to contour. Finally if I decide I want a matte highlight I will use the white shade in the palette on the tops of my cheek bones, down the centre of my nose and on my cupids bow to give me the illusion of a fuller lip.
As I always play up my eyes, they are usually very dramatic on a night out. With the combination of fake tan I don't want to go over board so I generally just stick to bronzer, no blush is applied.

On a Daily Basis
As I am quite pale I mix up the white and the shade next to it on the first row, to set my foundation.
To contour I take the first shade on the second row (light brown). This is a really nice contour shade for people who are on the more pale side. I generally find it hard to get a bronzer that doesn't have a muddy appearance on my skin. This is the best I have come across so far!
If I want to give myself some extra definition, I will firstly apply the light brown shade in the hollows of my cheeks. I will then take a small bit of the darkest brown on my brush and apply this only to the most hollow part of my cheek, near my ear and blend it forward towards the apples of my cheeks. This gives a nice fade from the dark shade to the light, adding dimension to the face.

When it comes to the cheeks I will usually wear one or the other, bronzer or blusher. Sometimes I will wear both but not too often. The baby pink blusher in this palette is gorgeous it gives a nice natural flush of colour to the cheeks. The second shade of blusher is a deep shade of pink. I'll definitely be getting a lot of use out of this as we are coming into the winter! 

All of the powders in this palette are highly pigmented and are not chalky at all. I have gotten so much use out of this palette, from face powders, bronzer, blusher, highlighter and I also used the white shade to set my Halloween Sugar Skull Makeup. The palette is just so versatile.

The RRP for the palette is €17.99 and Blank Canvas Cosmetics stock it for €10.99.
Another bargain buy on my behalf! 

  • Affordable
  • Compact
  • Highly Pigmented Powders
  • Versatile Palette
  • Palette is fragile
Thanks a million for tuning in :)
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