Monday 8 February 2016

theBalm Meet Matt(e) Hughes Liquid Lipstick 'Adoring' Swatches and Review

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I'm very new to the world of liquid lipsticks. I tried out one from MUA a couple of years ago for one of my beauty on a budget videos and I haven't tried out anymore since! I wasn't overly fussed with the one I had picked, it didn't suit my very dry lips so I just decided liquid lipsticks weren't for me. I really didn't give them a chance did I haha! Over the last year or so I have seen lots of bloggers posting about liquid lipsticks from theBalm on Instagram. I've liked everything that I have tried out from theBalm thus dar so I decided I would give the whole liquid lipstick thing another go. Being that this one was from theBalm I was hoping I'd be onto another winner!

Just like the rest of theBalms product range the packaging is cute and quirky with that 1950's feel to it, big fan of that. Another thing I like about the outer packaging is that the colour and name of the liquid lipstick is stamped on the lid, making it easy to pick out from a pile.

There are eight shades in the range and the one that I decided to purchase was the colour 'Adoring'. I wear deep shades on my lips constantly so when I spotted this beautiful burgundy number I had to add it to my collection.

This product is quite heavily scented something which took me completely by surprise. I opened the tube, lifted the applicator to my lips and thats when it hit me. Peppermint. Now, I like peppermint but I did find the scent of this a tad overpowering so if you are not a fan of scented products you might want to keep that in mind. Once applied though the smell goes away, thankfully. You don't have to worry about a sickly smell of peppermint loafing around all day. 

When you unscrew the lid you will be greeted by a doe foot style applicator. I apply the lipstick from the applicator to my bottom lip only, for my top lip I need something a little more precise. To accurately apply the product to my top lip I use a lip brush!

This liquid lipstick is creamy in texture which makes the product very easy to apply, it just glides onto the lips. It is quick drying but it doesn't set too quickly, you will still have time to work with the product. I find the best way to apply this liquid lipstick is to apply one coat, wait for it to dry, and then apply another. You definitely need two coats with this particular shade to get a nice even opaque finish.

I found the liquid lipstick very comfortable to wear on the lips, it wasn't really drying at all. In terms of longevity the lipstick lasted about 4-5 hours before I felt I needed to touch up. I didn't need to fully reapply the lip colour but after eating and drinking the colour had flaked and faded in the centre of my bottom lip, once I touched that up I was good to go!

Even though I'm not a huge fan of the scent it doesn't put me off using the product. I'm very impressed with this particular liquid lipstick and can't wait to pick up more colours from the range!

theBalm Meet Matt(e) Hughes Liquid Lipsticks retail for €15.50 and are available from Debenhams in store and online. 

Are you a fan of liquid lipsticks?
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