Thursday 13 March 2014

Human+Kind All in One Hand+Elbow+Foot Cream

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Today I have another moisturizing cream review for you all. 
The main reason I picked up this particular cream was due to the fact the it can be used on the feet. The 14 years of chalking up my feet for gymnastics really took its toll so I decided I would like to get them in good nick again.
Although I hadn't heard many things about this cream in particular, any products I have tried out from Human+Kind I have loved.
Naturally I was hoping it wouldn't be any different with regard to this product!

The first thing I loved about this product was that it is a multi tasking cream, it is formulated to suit your hands, elbows and feet! The second thing I loved about it was the size, its a tiny little bottle of cream. A perfect size for popping in your handbag when your on the go or if your storing it in your bathroom it isn't going to take up much space at all. As I said in a previous post that I usually get perfume for birthdays and Christmases, the same goes for skincare items, bath and body products..all that sort of thing! So my bathroom is jam packed with body lotions and potions, creams..the works.
For that reason I love products that double up as another product or aren't just specifically formulated for one area of the body. It saves time, space and more importantly for me, money.
Like all the Human+Kind range the packaging is super cute!

As with all of the Human+Kind range this product is completely natural.
That means no chemicals, no parabens, no colourants, no perfume, no additives and no testing on animals. None, zilch nada! :)
The cream is light weight, extremely moisturizing and fast absorbing.
I loved the fact that it smells exactly like my much loved Human+Kind cleanser (review here)
Even though the cream is labelled for use on your elbows, I think I only ever used it there once or twice. Mainly because I didn't think I needed to apply it there. I apply a body moisturizer or body butter at night after my shower and that covers my elbows so no dryness there!
Recently I have been getting eczema on my hands and funnily enough this cream helped with that. I didn't expect it to at all but one thing it did in particular was keep the itchiness at bay. My hands were noticeably softer after using the cream, unfortunately the same can't be said for my feet.
While it worked really well as a hand cream it didn't do as good of a job with hydrating the skin on my feet. As far as a foot cream goes its pretty average which I was a bit disappointed with.
Regardless though it wasn't a waste of money and I will still continue to get use out of it as I enjoy how it works as a hand cream.
The cream retails €7.95 for a 50ml bottle.
Would I purchase this again? 
No, probably not. I really like the cream but I only get use out of it for my hands and as thats the case I'd rather pick up my Cien one from Lidl that retails for only 99c!

Have you tried this cream?
If so, I'd love to hear your thoughts :)
Eimear x

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