Monday 17 March 2014

Essence Colour & Go 172 Splash!

Hey Everyone!
Hope you all are well :)

 Not a typical post from me now, but today I have a nail varnish review for you all. Recently I ran out of my favourite liquid liner so I dashed to Penneys after college to replace it. The Essence Liquid Ink Liner is the best I have ever used and its cheap as chips so its great! While I was at the Essence stand I had a quick browse through the other products. The stand in the store on Henry St is larger than the one in my local pharmacy, naturally the stand had more products to offer! I didn't actually realise Essence had such a wide range of nail varnishes and nail care items to choose from. I was very strict and allowed myself only to pick up one item..aside from my liner of course! What I have decided to do is to try and review all that I have first before purchasing new products, its proving extremely difficult so far to say the least haha.

The nail varnish '172 Splash!' stood out to me from all the other polishes.
Its a gorgeous turquoise iridescent polish, I love how the colour changes to more green or blue shade depending on what way the light hits it.
Definitely one to pick up this Summer!
The consistency of the nail varnish is quite thick however I find regardless of the formula it still leaves streaks. You have to be very careful when applying to avoid streaking but just one layer of this polish does the job.
It dries quickly enough which is always a plus for me!

For no reason other than I'm lazy, I didn't apply a top or base coat before or after applying the nail varnish. I was quite surprised then that it lasted on my nails a good 3 days before chipping. To get longer wear out of your nail varnish I would recommend a base and a top coat. Essence have both within their range so you won't break the bank.
Overall I'm pleased with my purchase its a lovely polish and at a price of around €1.69 you can't really go wrong :) Give it a go!

Have you tried any of the Colour & Go range?
There is so many to choose from!
Eimear x


  1. I adore essence polishes! Catrice do a few lovely ones too...

    1. I've actually never tried any of Catrice's…next on the list so! :D