Wednesday 6 November 2013

Ziaja Orange Butter Body Lotion

Hey Everyone!
Hope you all are well :) 

My poor poor blog.
I have neglected you terribly this past month, don't worry you weren't alone… YouTube went by the way side too.
Its not my fault….swear! 
Its colleges fault, all those retched assignments ugh.

To ensure this little slip doesn't happen again I have organised what to post and when. Blog posts will now be scheduled to go live every Wednesday and YouTube tutorials to go live every Saturday :)
I'm looking forward to being back posting on a regular basis, starting with today's post about Ziaja Body Lotion!

After the beauty show on the 6th of October show last month, I attended a beauty blogger meet up at the Russell Court Hotel. It was a wonderful evening filled with demonstrations, speakers, chats and of course a couple of cheeky drinks all with a big thanks to Aisling from Total Makeup Addict .
On the night we were supplied with very generous goodie bags filled with goodies from various different companies.

The first item I started using from my little stash was the 
'Ziaja Orange Butter Body Lotion'
I had never heard of this company before so I was extremely eager to try out some of the range! Moisturising is something I am guilty of rarely doing…
purely because I'm lazy *gulp*
What makes matters worse is that I actually need to moisturize, my skin is extremely dry and flaky. I have no problem cleansing, toning and moisturising my face but I always neglect the rest of my body. So in a bid to have hydrated, silky smooth skin I decided last month to make a conscious effort to moisturise daily. Every evening after my shower I slathered a generous amount of the lotion to all areas of the body except for the face.
Every single lotion I have used to date has either been a cocoa butter or coconut scented moisturizer, so the fact this was an orange body lotion was a nice change!

Enriched with ingredients such as Orange butter, Omega 3 and 6, Vitamin E and olive oil, Ziaja Body Lotion claims to leave the skin soft and gentle…
and that it does! 
I noticed results about a week after using the lotion, there was a significant difference in the condition of my skin any flaky patches I had previously were now completely gone. With regard to the packaging Ziaja kept it simple and sweet, I love it! I also love how the lotion has a pump, its easy to squirt out and there's no mess. I haven't noticed any clogging from the nozzle, if that happens its not that big of a deal. The top screws off and you can pat out the moisturizer that way, its also handy because you can get every single last drop left in the bottle.

My only problem I have now is to sticking to the routine after I reaped the results I stopped moisturizing my skin and I was back to square one.
I'm 5 days back into my routine again and I'm starting to see the results once again. I have highly sensitive skin and this moisturizer worked like a dream for me, no irritation at all so I am extremely pleased.

When I searched online to see where I could re purchase the lotion when the time arises, I was pleasantly surprised to see the price! 
I found the lotion over on original, it retails at only
 €5.99 for 400ml of product.
I was delighted to see I could have sensuously soft skin without breaking the bank. I would highly recommend the lotion, its definitely worth checking out especially if you suffer from dry skin like myself :)

So Bargain Hunter Byrne strikes again, I couldn't have without the help of Aisling so be sure to check out her blog over on the following link, here!
For more information head over to the Ziaja website which can be found here!

Thanks for tuning in guys :)
Talk to you next Wednesday! 
Eimear x


  1. I love their Sugar budy Scrub... smells like chocolate and leaves skin super soft and very moisturised

    1. I have the cocoa butter cream but that sound gorgeous! I think those two would work like a dream together :)

  2. I love this body lotion! One of favourites.

  3. Thanks for the nod Eimear, delighted you love your body lotion, I'm definitely sold on it after reading this review! I got the natural olive one in my goodie bag and it smells amazing and leaves my skin so soft and moisturised- I was quite bad with remembering to put body lotion on after my shower- like you I neglected my body care- but now the highlight of my shower is jumping out of it to lather myself in this body lotion! Ziaja is so inexpensive- definitely gonna try alot more of their products! x

    1. Not at all, you're a star! I'm currently using the lip balm at the moment so I'm praying for the same results, my lips are so chapped and horrible. Wearing lipstick has gone completely out the window :( boo! x