Tuesday 1 October 2013

Inglot Pro Store South Anne Street Launch

Hi Everyone!
Hope you all are well :)

I cannot be held responsible for the possible damage caused to your bank balance after reading this post. If you choose to do so, drooling over products shall be done at your own risk!

Now that we have that out of the way...lets get onto the details :D

I was so chuffed to be able to potter along to the bloggers event at the store the evening before it opened. The grand opening of the store on South Anne Street (just off Grafton Street) was on the 28th of September at 11am, with goody bags supplied to the first 50 people in line.

If you haven't seen the inside of the store yet...lets have a look now!

On entering the store, to the left we have a wonderful wall filled with glorious products. First up we have nail products such as the nail enamels from various different collections like the 'noble collection', 'nightlife collection' etc.
Next to the nail varnishes we have the lip products. Included on the wall are products such as lipsticks, lip paints, sleek lip gloss, soft precision lipliners all in every shade imaginable. There are also pigments, gel eyeliners and brushes located to the left up near the counter.
As you all know by now I am a die hard Inglot fan, I don't think I have created a makeup tutorial without using one of their products. For someone who loves to create colourful makeup looks, Inglot is an absolute god sent for me!
 Great products that are highly pigmented in an array of colours at an affordable price!
What more could a girl want?

Aside from Inglots amazing colour selection, my favourite thing about the brand is that you can create your very own palettes. This is so handy for me, as a makeup artist it majorly cuts down on the weight in my case.
It is not practical for me to carry around tonnes and tonnes of eyeshadow palettes so that I can offer my client a variety of shades and finishes.
With the freedom system I can customise my palette depending on my client and his/her needs. Another brilliant thing about the freedom system is that you are not limited to just eyeshadows. With this unique system you can create your own blush, bronzer, concealer and lip palettes. I would be lost without it!
To date I customized 11 palettes...and I still need more.

The eyeshadows come in a rainbow of colours as you can see, and are situated when you walk in the door on your right.

Next to that we have all the foundations, powders, concealers, bronzers...the works! Along with two fully lit makeup stations down in the bottom corner.

The new pro store stocks all of the Inglot Cosmetics range along with a few exclusive products from 'The Professional Zuca Makeup Case' to 'The Mattifying 3S Range of Pressed and Loose Powders' and more!

One particular item caught my eye as I walked straight in the door, and that was the 'Multi Action Toner'. I had absolutely no idea that Inglot stocked a toner so I am really excited to pick that up when I can!

Amazing so far isn't it? Yes, I did say so far.
There is an upstairs too!

Upstairs is quite spacious with various makeup stations to aid private makeup courses, parties and master classes.
Speaking of which, top makeup artist Jon Hennessey is flying in from Vancouver  to celebrate this exciting launch. Jon will be hosting a couple of masterclasses sharing his tips and tricks of the trade. 
The classes will take place on the following dates:
Wednesday 2nd of October from 11am-1pm
Thursday 3rd of October from 6pm-9pm

For more information call 0873973434 as places are limited!

Rosaleen and I at the launch :) 
(check her out here!)

As there was a full house at the event, the Inglot Makeup Artists put on a couple of demonstrations for us. One upstairs and one downstairs :)

I love seeing makeup being applied on models! As a makeup artist I am always learning so it was nice to pick up a few tips and tricks from the girls and also to learn a bit more about products from Inglots range.

With makeup there are no rules. Just because a product is labelled 'eyeliner' it doesn't mean it has to be used solely on the eyes. One of the extremely talented makeup artists created this floral look on the night using an array of the gel eyeliners. So detailed, so gorgeous!

A fantastic night was had by all and of course a few cheeky purchases were made! I'm thrilled with the new location, as I am from Wicklow the easiest store for me to get to is Dundrum. I'm in college about 5 minutes away from Grafton Street so I have a feeling I won't be a stranger to the store!
If you haven't been down to the new store yet, definitely pop in..the atmosphere alone is great..you won't be disappointed! :)

Have you tried any Inglot products before?
Let me know which ones you can't live without!
Eimear x


  1. It was a great evening! Love your photos :)

  2. Ooh very interested in the toner! Great pics!

    1. Thanks so much! Me too can't wait until I have a few €€€ to spare :) Spending ban sucks haha!

  3. You can't beat a bit of Inglot - I love their eyeshadow and blushers!

    1. Awh tell me about it! The eyeshadows really are second to none :)

  4. I can't wait to pop in and have a good browse!

  5. I've nominated you for a Liebster Award!!!
    All rules, plus my questions are over at http://beautywithbrushes.blogspot.ie/2013/10/i-been-nominated-for-liebster-award.html !
    Can't wait to see your post :) <3

  6. hey i wanted to know where exactly this store is.. country?