Monday 11 November 2013

Bomb Cosmetics Bath Mallow Review

Hey Everyone!
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Its probably no surprise by now that I have a bath bomb review for you!
I absolutely love taking a long relaxing bath… *cough* 
with some cheeky wine from time to time *cough*.
 I'm always on the hunt for bath bombs and recently I stumbled across this company 'Bomb Cosmetics'. I was in my local pharmacy picking up my prescription when I smelt something glorious, I looked over and across the room there was a huge stand filled to the brim with…well what I thought were sweeties!
Unfortunately for me they were not sweets (major sweet tooth) but were in fact bath bombs. So it wasn't a major disappointment!

I had never seen anything like them..and I've seen many a bath bomb in my time! If you find that you have a Bomb Cosmetics stand near you and haven't been before, I would suggest getting a good feed before you go in. 
The stand was filled with what looked like little cupcakes and donuts that came in a variety of shapes and sizes! The next thing I noticed was the price, the little cupcake bath bombs retail at only €1.95..em bargain alert

The first cupcake that I picked up was this gorgeous strawberry one. The cupcakes even come in a little bun case, like an actual cupcake would. 
It looks like the cupcake is filled with cream, scattered with sprinkles and a strawberry placed on top…delish!

Wild Strawberry Bath Mallow

Once you pop the bath bomb in the water it will fizz around until its fully dissolved in the water. The Wild Strawberry Bath Mallow is enriched with wild strawberries with just a hint of decadent sparkling wine combined with geranium and rosemary oils.  
You can lie down and have a good old soak while the cocoa and shea butters deeply moisturize your skin!

Fields of Joy Bath Mallow

Fields of Joy was the next little bath mallow I picked up, it was a must have buy after reading the description on it!

"Let's wander slowly through the fields, I'll guide you to the fields of joy. Our troubles slowly fade away, so hold your hand inside my hand, and let the pure Ginger and Mandarin oils sensually relax and soothe you."

Everyone needs time to kick back, relax and enjoy some 'me time' every now and then. When the time arises this is the perfect bath bomb for you :)
The bath mallow consists of a blend of natural aromas from Chamomile to Frankincense with added floral scents.

I have two little problems with these bath mallows, nothing major more so an inconvenience. After a long relaxing soak in the bath, bed is the next stop for you…right?..Wrong!
I have found if I don't clean the bath straight after I get out of it I have to scrub and scrub the next day to remove the particles from the bath mallows off of the side of the bath.
Secondly, I wish the bath mallows were bigger. 
The two that I have used to date smell absolutely divine, however I feel as the mallows are quite small the water tends to dilute the scent and it fades quite quickly. I think if they were bigger this wouldn't be a problem!

Overall I would definitely recommend them they are a steal at €1.95 and there are plenty of scrumptious cupcakes and donuts to choose from :)
For more information head over to the Bomb Cosmetics website which you can find here.

Have you tried any of the range?
Let me know what ones to pick up next :)
Eimear x


  1. I haven't tried any of them but honestly they look good enough to eat!