Thursday 14 November 2013

Blank Canvas Cosmetics Double Ended Eyebrush Set with Case

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Today I have another brush review for you all, of the Blank Canvas Cosmetics makeup brushes. If you haven't checked out my first review of the 'My Face and Eye' Professional Brush Kit, you can check it out here.
When my delivery of the 'My Face and Eye' brush kit arrived, I was surprised to see some extra goodies in the mix and thats what I have to share with you all today :)

Back in August I went to The Leeds Festival and had the time of my life!
I got to see my favourite bands along with meeting some new friends, the experience was one I'll never forget :')
While I always like to try to look my best, this weekend was no expection regardless of if it was a festival or not. Despite the scorching heat on the Thursday, followed by the torrential rain on the Friday and everything in between….I still rocked my full face of galaxy makeup all weekend!
I have a tutorial on that too if you want to check it out, you can do so here :)

Now, while wanting to look my best I didn't want to bring over a whole load of makeup and brushes. That along with the fact Ryanair are a pain in the butt when it comes to the weight of the bags, I had very little weight left to pay around with after the tent, drink *typical Irish* food and clothes went in!
Thats where this little beauty came in handy!

The double ended brushes are encased within this gorgeous black, easy  to clean faux leather travel brush case. As you can see from the picture below, you just zip around the case and the brushes are sitting snuggly inside.

There are 5 brushes within the case, which in turn works out as 10 brushes ! The case and brushes themselves are very lightweight and small enough that you can simply pop them in your handbag while your on the go….
did I mention that they are all full size? Yep! :)

The first brush we have up is the:

Double Ended Tapered Crease Blender/Smudger (E32/33)

The tapered crease brush allows you to add definition to the smallest areas of the face with ease, such as the eyes or the nose. I love tapered brushes in particular for creating that 'cut crease' effect over the eyes, this brush is ideal for it. It works great with cream and powder products so you can even apply your under eye concealer with it, it fits underneath the tear duct area nicely and blends concealer out to a flawless finish.
On the other end we have the smudger brush, as the name suggests this brush is great for smudging out eyeshadow and liner regardless of if they are of a kohl or a gel consistency. As the brush is quite dense it moves and blends the products easily, not much work is required on your behalf at all!
I prefer to use a pointed pencil brush when blending out products underneath the eyes are, but thats just personal preference :)

A blending brush is simply essential as part of any brush kit so as you can imagine I was over the moon when I saw this dynamic duo!

Blending Duo - Double Ended Blending Brushes (E25/26)

While I was away and creating my crazy makeup looks, I needed a couple of blending brushes to blend together various different colours. These brushes worked a treat! The bristles are very high quality and super soft so there is no irritation caused to the delicate eye area!

This next duo is my favourite out of the set….I think!
I'm pretty much torn between this one and the double ended blending brush!

Double Ended Pencil/Flat Shader Brush (E23/24)

As I mentioned above, my favourite kind of brush to use to blend products underneath the eye area is a pencil brush. I was thrilled to see that it was included in the set because it is a must have brush for me!
If I want to add some extra drama to my eyeshadow look, I will take the pencil brush and apply a darker eyeshadow to the outer 'V' of the eye. The brush is also great for applying a highlight shade to the inner tear duct of the eye.
The flat shader brush works best at packing colour onto the eyelids. When I was in Leeds I used this brush to pack glitter onto different areas of my face and it worked a charm!

Next up we have this colorful combination!

Double Ended Brow/Spoolie (E30)

The angled shaper of this brow brush allows you to give depth and definition to your brows with the use of powders of gels. Bold brows are bang on trend at the moment so be sure to fill them in!
Once you have applied your brow colour with short strokes, flip to the spoolie side and comb through the brows to ensure the product has been evenly distributed throughout the brows.

Last but not least we have the:

Double Ended Mini Detailer/Eyeliner (E27/28)

I love how small and precise the eyeliner brush is, any makeup artist/enthusiast is going to adore this brush! As the point of the brush is so fine you get that really sharp defined cat eye'd eyeliner effect, its brilliant! I also love this brush for special effects makeup, its perfect for adding some gory details.
The mini detailed for me, is just like a smaller version of the flat shader brush.
I use this brush to pack on eyeshadow, as it is a mini brush I love to use  it for packing a highlight shade underneath the brow bone area. It also works nicely for applying a highlight shade onto the tops of the cheekbones.

All in all I am quite impressed with this little set :)

However I have jotted down a couple of little things worth noting!
When washing these brushes ensure to wash one end at a time. By washing one end and letting it dry, you are preventing water from running up the ferule and loosening the bristles while you attempt to wash the other end. This is something to note with regard to all double ended brushes not just this set in particular.
I store all of my brushes together in brush holders with the exception of these brushes. As the brushes are double ended they cannot be stored upright as it will cause the bristles of the bottom brush to splay out. Just another little thing to note, keep them in your little case :)
I find that the white bristle brushes stain very easily if you are using colorful eyeshadows like I normally do. If this happens, not to worry!
After you have finished washing your brush with shampoo, take a dollop of conditioner and work it into the bristles. This will remove any staining, olive oil works a treat too if you have that lying around the house.
Cheap and cheerful! :)

The set retails €64.81

Meaning, each brush works out at less than €7.00!
Bargain Hunter Byrne strikes again :)

For more information on the brushes head over to the Blank Canvas Cosmetics website or Facebook page which i'll link below!

Hope you enjoyed the review :)
Talk soon!
Eimear x

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