Tuesday 26 November 2013

Bomb Cosmetics Bath Buttercups

Hey Everyone!
Hope you all are well :)

Today I have another review of some bath goodies I picked up recently!
Last week I blogged about a couple of bath bombs I picked up from a company called 'Bomb Cosmetics'. If you haven't checked that out i'll leave the link here.
Bomb Cosmetics offer a wide range of bath goodies at very affordable prices.
My last review was of the Bomb Cosmetics 'Bath Mallows', today as the title suggests is a review of the 'Bath Buttercups'.
The company also stocks butter loops, bath creamers, cocoa swirls, bath brûlées, bath blasters and much much more!
I am going to do my best to pick up a couple of bath bombs from each of the ranges and let you know how I get on with them :)

The first bath buttercup I picked up was this little guy here.
Like I said in my last review these products look just as good as they smell!
Not to be mistaken for cupcakes, unfortunately they cannot be eaten… :(

Coconut Creme Buttercup

I love anything and everything coconut, so as you can imagine this bath buttercup was a must have for me!
Enriched with jasmine and coconut oils this bath buttercup is so soothing on the skin. The first thing I noticed was that once the bath buttercup had fully dissolved, the water was slightly creamy. The buttery goodness of this buttercup definitely helps to nourish and soften the skin.

Next I picked up this pretty pink bath buttercup!
Do not underestimate the size of this one, its jam packed with fruity goodness.
Some of the fantastic fruits included in this one are:
cranberries, strawberries, rasberries, limes, plums, peaches, apples and more!
You see?
I wasn't joking :)

Superfruiter Bath Buttercup

As I mentioned in my previous review, you need to clean the bath straight afterwards. Otherwise the decorations will stick to the sides of the bath and can cause some staining. I haven't noticed any staining from any of the range thankfully, just some particles stuck to the sides of the bath.
So be sure to wash away any excess straight after you have had your bath :)

Again, for me its the size of these buttercups.
I find that as they are quite small the scent of the buttercups gets lost if you are filling yourself quite a high bath. I have picked up a couple of the 'Bath Blaster' which are significantly larger so I'm super excited to see how I get on with those. 

Very impressed once again with my picks from Bomb Cosmetics.
If you have a pharmacy that stocks the range near you, definitely pop in!
If not you can always order online over at BombComsetics.co.uk :)

Like the bath mallows, these bath buttercups set me back only €1.95.
Bargain Hunter Byrne strikes again!

Chat soon :)
Eimear x


  1. I'm with you on the love of everything coconut :). These are so pretty looking! Making me hungry. If only they were edible!!


  2. These are the cutest things! Will keep an eye out.

    1. I know they are so gorgeous! I know for definite you can pick them up in Banana Tree in Stephens Green Shopping Centre but they are a little bit more expensive than at home x

  3. oh my goodness!! I am such a coconut freak, I must seek the coconut one out for sure. :-)
    I live in Greece so I will probably have to order from abroad-they look totally lush!
    xoxo http://makeupbynatashav.blogspot.gr/