Thursday 25 July 2013

Human+Kind All-in-one Wash-off Cleanser Review

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Today I am back with another skincare review..I suppose when I put it like that it sounds like I wrote a skincare post recently, quite the opposite!
My first and last skincare review was almost this time last year and funnily enough it was a Human+Kind one too! I reviewed the 'All in one Night+Day Cream' which you can read here.

If you have read my last skin care post you will know that I am not a fan of trying out different skin care ranges. During my teenage years I suffered from terribly bad acne, in order to treat this problem I was advised to  
develop a skin care regime. I picked up a cleanser, toner, moisturiser and an exfoliator which I used once a week. I used these products religiously hoping that my prayers would be answered and my skin would clear up. 
However to my horror I began to notice my skin was actually getting much worse, not better. The first ever skin care range I used was supposedly suitable for sensitive skin, but by god it didn't suit me! After using these products for not even a week I had breakouts much worse than before, my skin was raw red and I also had very dry flaky patches on my face. All as a result of a skin care range not agreeing with my skin.
And this ladies and generally the story of my life.

The only skin care ranges that have ever did my poor skin justice are the Liz Earle and Human+Kind ranges. As I had previously used a product from the Human+Kind skin care range and it worked wonders for my skin, I was intrigued about picking up another product from the range. I can solemnly say I had every confidence in this product suiting my highly sensitive skin.

I went ahead onto the website and ordered my cleanser. I  received a prompt email from the Human&Kind team thanking me for my purchasing and notifying me that my item would be shipped today. I really appreciate a good customer service, my item was sent out in an efficient manner and was in my grasp within a couple of days. When I opened the package that my cleanser was enclosed in there was a little hand written note inside thanking me again for ordering their products. I adore personal touches like this. Not only are the products a dream to work with the company is a pleasure to deal with!

The cleanser itself is cased within a lovely polygon shaped cardboard box. 
A++ where the packaging is concerned, its so unique and eye catching..I simply love it! However, its always whats on the inside that lets take a look!

As you can see from the above photo the cleanser is wrapped in this gorgeous Human+Kind stamped cloth..which came absolutely free might I add!
The cloth is probably the softest thing I have ever felt in my whole entire life. The trick to this cleanser is wetting your face prior to application, once the cleanser is applied to damp skin you then buff the cloth over the face.
This cleanses the skin beautifully removing all traces of makeup, I find it even helps to exfoliate the skin. I have been using this cleanser religiously every evening since I bought it, which was July 1st.
I can safely say I have suffered no skin irritation from this cleanser it definitely helped sooth my sensitive skin. I have noticed that my skin is much more even, any redness has been reduced if not has completely diminished in certain areas of my face and my skin is as soft as a babies bottom! Within the first few days of using the cleanser I noticed I began to break out, if this happens don't be alarmed it is just the impurities deep down in your skin coming to the surface. After a couple of more days they were completely gone leaving my skin looking more radiant than before. The cloth seems to be holding up well too, I've washed it a fair few times in the washing machine since I bought it. Its still as it was when I received it, still soft still does a brilliant job!

The cleanser retails at €14.95 with a free wash cloth and free shipping!
I'm absolutely delighted once again with my purchase from Human+Kind, I'm definitely going to work my way through their range to see what other brilliant buys I come across :)

For more information head over to the Human+Kind website which I'll link here.

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