Tuesday 26 February 2013

The Nima Mitt Review

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As I mentioned back in my Cocoa Brown Review, if you missed out on that click here.
Back in December I met up with some other lovely Irish beauty bloggers and vloggers. During this meet up we had a couple of guest speakers in, one being Marissa Carter creator of Cocoa Brown Tan and owner of Carter Beauty Blackrock, followed by Niamh Martin creator of Nima Brushes.

Niamh showed us her lovely range of brushes followed by a demonstration on Sarah from adoreabubbles! The brushes are extremely soft and the brightest brushes I have ever layed eyes on. While I love colour on my eyes I tend to stick to products which are black and white when it comes to my kit as I find they look more professional. However at the mention of a teal collection coming soon, I am fairly swayed!

Niamh also demonstrated a product called 'The Nima Mitt'.
The mitt claims to remove all traces of makeup, leaving no residue without the use of a cleanser. Even though I saw the mitt remove makeup in the flesh I was still a little skeptical. I wear a lot of eye makeup along with foundation, concealer, bronzer the works!

The secret to the Nima Mitt is the micro fibres that are tightly woven together. When water is added and the mitt is massaged into the skin, the mitt breaks down the makeup..hey presto!
But does it do what it say it does?

Most definitely!
I have highly sensitive skin it is extremely frustrating.
I have used numerous skin care products to no avail, the end result is always a break out. I hate not being able to try out skin care products without worrying how my skin will react, well, realistically I know how it will react. Regardless of whether the product says 'suitable for sensitive skin' or not, I can 99.9% guarantee it will not suit my skin. I am always left with a raw red rash on my face which lasts for days followed by very dry and flakey skin. Nightmare!
The only products that I have used to date, that have not irritated my skin is the Liz Earle Skincare range and a moisturiser from Human and Kind.
I have tried products from Sheer Cover, Simple, Garnier, Clearasil, Clean and Clear..the list goes on!
It doesn't just stop there either, makeup wipes are a huge problem for me also. There are only a select few on the market that I can use that will not irritate my skin. Looking after my skin and taking off makeup is simply not a pleasant ordeal for me.
So for something like this to come onto the market I thought to myself, this could really be the answer to all my problems.
I am so happy to say it is.

Before I go to bed I go through the process of taking off my makeup with the mitt. I pop on the mitt and then I put on the tap making sure the water is luke warm. Once I have let around half of the mitt become saturated I start to massage it around my face. I start with my eyes as they are the most work followed by removing the foundation from my face and neck.
The mitt removes the makeup with ease and usually takes me around 5 minutes to fully remove all the makeup.
The Nima Mitt lightly exfoliates the skin while removing the makeup leaving skin looking fresh and feeling soft. Even though the mitt exfoliates the skin I have found no irritation to the skin when used daily, relief!

The mitt is extremely easy to clean, I put on the mitt and rub a bar of soap over the surface and then rinse thoroughly. I then let it dry over night :)
The mitt is also perfect for travel, you do not have to worry about bringing cleansers just pop the mitt in your bag and your good to go!
I really cannot praise this makeup remover mitt enough I would recommend it to everyone especially anyone who suffers from sensitive skin like myself.

Lately I have been keeping the mitt in my shower.
I use it regardless of if I have makeup on or not.
To refresh my skin I lightly buff the mitt over my face, its less harsh compared to an exfoliator and leaves my skin super soft!
After my shower I can then move on to applying my makeup as I have a nice base to work with. I really cannot get enough of it!

The mitt retails at €12.95 and can be bought from www.nimabrush.com.
In my opinion this is an absolute bargain buy I would be lost without it!
No more break outs for Eimear :D

Have you tried the Nima Mitt?
If not what do you think of the concept, pretty amazing huh?

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