Monday 21 January 2013

Nyx Satin Finish Black Liner Review

Hey Everyone!
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Today's posts are my final reviews as part of Nyx Vlogger of the Month.
Its been a fantastic month so far I've had lots of positive feedback so thank you all very much, I really appreciate it!
Today I am reviewing an eyeliner for you all.
If you watch my Youtube videos you may have noticed I tend to stay away from using eyeliner on my waterline. This is mainly due to the fact that my eyes are quite sensitive and can tend to water easily, which can be a pain!
You don't want to spoil the makeup look you have just created do you?
To be honest I actually only own one black pencil eyeliner which I use as a base if I want to create a smokey eye, I've only used it a couple of times on my waterline because it does irritate my eyes.

I was looking at the range of Nyx eyeliners and I finally decided to pick this satin finish black eyeliner. I choose this one as I felt it might not feel as harsh when I am applying it to the waterline, I would be able to blend it out nicely as a base for eyeshadow and the website stated that it 'stays put'.

I was very surprised the eyeliner came packaged in its own box!
Any eyeliners I have ever bought have just came with a plastic film around them to prevent customers from opening the eyeliners on display.
So it was really nice to see some effort went in to packaging the product I was quite impressed, as you all know I am a stickler for packaging!

The eyeliner itself is packaged quite simply, black with white text nothing over the top at all. I like simplicity preferably black and white packaging as I find it looks more professional.

The pencil itself is very black and is quite creamy which was exactly what I was hoping for.
Sometimes I have to warm up eyeliner pencils on the back of my hand before using them on my eyes as they can be quite hard and can tug on the eyes.
This is something you absolutely don't want to have happening as the eye area is quite delicate. 
As I said it glided over the eyelid nicely as a base for a smokey eye and it also blended out well. I will say if you are going to use it as a base for your makeup, you need to work quickly as the pencil sets into place fairly fast!
Next I tried it on my waterline, my eyes did tear up a little bit but it was softer than the vast majority of eyeliner pencils I have used. 
If you do have sensitive eyes this wont irritate your eyes, it didn't irritate mine anyway although everyone is different :)

From the swatch above you can see the pencil is very black, the blackest of the black! 
The Satin Finish Black Liner retails at £5.50 and can be purchased at
For the packaging, the quality and the lasting power you are getting out of the friends I think we have another bargain buy :)

Thanks for tuning in guys!
Eimear x

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