Monday 7 January 2013

NYX Eyebrow Kit with Stencil For Brunettes

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Let me start by saying a Happy New Year to you all. 
I wish you all the best and hope its going to be a wonderful year for you.
 I know I have high hopes for this year, its going to be a good'n!
...major positivity buzz going on here :)

I have had a wonderful start to this year already as I am NYX Cosmetics Vlogger of the Month for the month of January :)
This month I will have 4 blog reviews on NYX products alone, along with a step by step tutorial including each of these products. 

Todays blog review is on the NYX Eyebrow Kit with Stencil.
I choose the kit for brunettes.

This kit comes in two other shade ranges.
 A kit for Blondes and a kit suited for Everyone.
Included in all of these kits are 4 eyebrow powders, 3 stencils and 2 brushes.

The kit is very well thought out its small, compact and convenient. 
It is going to be a life saver for anyone who does makeup on the go as it is perfect for traveling.

I like the fact that there are 4 different shades in the kit.
I have been using the second shade on the bottom row to fill in my eyebrows.
This is a light brown brow powder I use this followed by the second brow powder on the top row which is a slightly darker shade of brown. 
I usually use this shade to fill in the arch of my brow, using various shades of powder helps give the brows a more natural appearance.
The white in the kit works nice as a highlight underneath the arch of the brow.

As mentioned above there are 3 eyebrow stencils coming in different sizes.
These were not too much of a benefit to me as I have a shape to my brows and when I fill mine in I am literally filling in what hairs are there. 
I don't really fill in outside the shape of my natural brows.
I have used the first portion of the stencil to give the bottom of my brow the definition it needs, after using this as a guide I then fill in my brows.
These stencils will be beneficial to anyone who is unable/unsure as to how to go about defining their brows.
 As it is a stencil you are guaranteed that the end results will be picture perfect brows!

There is a mini angled brush and a comb included in the kit.

The comb is self explanatory, I firstly start by plucking any stray hairs followed by combing the brows into place.
I then load up the angled brush with some powder, using small strokes I then apply the powder shaping my brows.
I've used combs by a few different brands and to be honest I find them to be all the same quality wise...a comb is a comb haha!
The angled brush however I was surprised by the quality. 
Its a rather decent brush, its relatively dense and applies the powder to the brows with ease. 
If I am using this palette on a daily basis at home I would opt for a different angled brush purely because I prefer using a long handled brush but have no problem using the smaller brush for on the go.

There are instructions on the inside of the kit and also on the back of the kit.
Again making it a perfect kit for beginners.

This kit retails at £13.50.
This is a little more than I would spent on my brows seeing as I just use an eyeshadow and sometimes a brow pencil to give my hairs the extra definition.
However I can justify spending on this product due to the fact that the kit comes with a range of shadows, the brushes etc. 
The kit is a nice idea and I'd highly recommend it to absolutely anyone from beginners to advanced makeup artists. 

Have you ever tried eyebrow stencils? Let me know! :)
Eimear x

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