Monday 26 November 2012

Sleek MakeUP Blush Review

Hey Everyone!
Hope you all are well :)

Today I'm blogging about some blushes from a much talked about brand..Sleek MakeUP!
I purchased my first few items from Sleek over the Summer and I've been in love ever since.
The price, the packaging, the product..simply flawless. So far I have noted that it is quite hard to find a flaw in any of the products I own from this company (touch wood!) on to the review! :)

I purchased all of my Sleek products from an Irish company called Beauty Emporium. If you are looking for beauty bargains ladies you need to check out this website! Free shipping also on all Irish orders which is extra sweet! You can find Beauty Emporium by clicking here.

The first blush I have to show you is  Rose Gold 926

This first blush is a gorgeous peachy/ coral shade with gold flecks running through it. I have a rather pale complexion and I find this shade quite flattering on my skin tone. Its also a nice alternative to maybe the more commonly used pink shade of blusher. This blush is highly pigmented as is the rest of the range of blushes that I own from Sleek.

 The second shade I own is Pomegranate 923

This shade is my favourite out of the 5 I own. Its gives a lovely flush of colour to the cheeks and is a perfect shade for the Autumn/ Winter months. I love how this blush is so versatile, I've even used it as an eyeshadow once or twice! It suits all skin tones it is just a matter of building up the intensity of the blush to suit your skin tone. In my case, I use a light hand to apply a light wash of colour.

The third blush I have is called Pixie Pink 936

I decided to pick up this blush specifically for my kit. Personally I find it essential that I have a range of matte shades along with shimmers. Pixie Pink is a matte bubblegum shade of pink, again its very flattering on fairer skin. This shade dusted on the apples of the cheeks completes any makeup look. 

The next shade is Flamingo 937

You can probably guess why this blush is called Flamingo, its a very bright pink shade!
Personally I would not wear this shade, I picked it up for my makeup kit. I would use this maybe for more creative makeup as the colour is so vibrant, however as I said before if you use a light hand it can be applied as a suitable wash of colour to the cheeks.

The final shade I own is Flushed 935

Flushed is a gorgeous deep berry shade, like Pomegranate this shade is ideal for the Autumn/Winter months. Very appropriate name as it does provide a nice flush of colour to the cheeks! I love combining a deep coloured blush like this with a vampy lip.

Main Thoughts

I have found that all of these blushes are highly pigmented and apply with ease to the skin. 
They are not chalky, the lasting power is pretty good and they do not oxidise on the skin.
They are extremely affordable, the last three blushes I picked up were on offer for €5.49 with free shipping, I purchased these blushes during the VAT free sale that Beauty Emporium was holding so I got them at an even cheaper price!
I love the packaging, its sleek just like the company name!
They are nice and compact and fit comfortably in my makeup kit.
The only downside to the packaging is that it is a little hard to open. While I was struggling to open one of the blushes I ended up scraping a small chunk out of the blush, so just be careful of this!
Other than that I cannot fault these blushes :)


  • Highly Pigmented
  • Extremely Affordable
  • Professional Looking Packaging
  • Long Lasting
As I said above the packaging is quite difficult to clip open. This can result in damaging the blush inside like I did, so its something to bear in mind!
Also I find the packaging as it is black can dirty quite easily, not a major problem but a problem nonetheless!

Have you any of the blushes from Sleek MakeUP? 
If so whats your favourite :)

Eimear x


  1. They seem to be marvellous!<3
    Unfortunately I don't have anything from Sleek yet. But I'm planning to change that:)

  2. that all beautiful!
    pomegranate is beautiful! I love to buy for the autumn winter as you said your

    I have the rose gold in a kit also comes with a matte brown powder or bronzer to contour, and also with an illuminator. I really recommend that maybe for a trip for example, you get all in one
    I love the brand Sleek
    I have two powder shadow palettes (original and au naturel)
    a palette of primers
    and kit "face from"
    and I love them all, I'm looking forward now to buy colored liquid eyeliners and shadows palette ultra MATTE

    bad that I find is that they are too too fragile the packaging and I have broken several shades
    I love the note!

  3. Great review! Your photo's are amazing! What camera do you use? x

    1. Thank you! Its the Fujifilm FinePix S8000fd. Hopefully will have the Canon 650d in the next couple of weeks :D x