Friday 28 September 2012

Halloween Tutorial: Burnt Face

Hey Everyone!
Hope you all are well :)

So it is coming up to my favourite time of year....Halloween. I absolutely love dressing up for Halloween, I literally nearly always have my costume planned out a year in advance ha!
I have been really looking forward to starting my Halloween tutorials on my Youtube channel. I have a few very exciting tutorials to come!

My first look of 2012 is a burnt/charred face makeup look. Its quick and easy and also very affordable. Its great if you don't want to go all out dressing up for Halloween, something like this is going to look brilliant and it will also look like you took alot of time creating it. You can't go wrong with this look, the messier the better in my opinion!

Products Used:
  • Human+Kinda All In One Day+Night Cream
  • 3 sheets of Toilet Paper
  • Snazaroo Spirit Gum: 

You can also use Liquid Latex or a Soluble Glue stick
  • Avon Ideal Flawless Foundation "Ivory"
  • Snazaroo Theatre Blood
  • Inglot Matte 325 (Purple)
  • Inglot Amc 63 (Black)

If you did not come from my Youtube channel, I have a step by step tutorial on how I created this look.
Just click the play button below :)

Thanks a million for tuning in guys!
I'll see you in my next post/video :)
Eimear x

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