Friday 9 May 2014

Lush Happy Bathday Gift Box

Hey Everyone!
Hope you all are well :)

Bit of a late post haha but my birthday was back in December and my god was I spoiled! I got lots and lots of little bits and bobs some of which you can bet your bottom dollar there will be a review on *cough* Sigma Creme de Couture Collection *cough*
First up is this gorgeous Happy Bathday Gift Set from Lush.
Quite frankly I couldn't believe how I hadn't heard of this set before seeing as I love my baths so much. If ever I could have received a perfect gift…this was it!
The pretty patterns and quirky colourful designs make this such an inviting little gift, its like something from a cartoon...I just couldn't wait to open it! 
I felt about 5 years old again..except this time I was carefully unravelling the big bow and wrapping paper. I was in my element :)

If you have never tried any products from Lush before, simply love your bath times or are looking for a great birthday gift..well then this is the present for you! Lush have filled this gift box with various different bath bombs, ballistics and bubble bars so there really is something in there to suit everyone.

One thing I have always loved about Lush is that they have stickers on each package telling you who exactly packaged your gift set.
Its a lovely touch and makes your Lush experience that little bit more personal.

As usual with Lush my goodies are well packaged with the addition of some streamers and a party blower. I actually thought these were quite funny, although it is a birthday gift box I didn't expect to see items like these inside haha well played Lush! :)

Now onto the goodies!

Karma Bubble Bar

Not too long ago I was staying in a hotel so I decided to pop this little bubble bar in my bag in the hope that the hotel had a bath! Thankfully it did, seriously I love nothing more than a bath in a hotel. Unlimited hot water mwahaha >:)
This was my first time using a bubble bar so not knowing what to do with it I used it like I would a bath bomb…I just chucked it right on in. 
I was quite confused when it didn't start bubbling and dissolving in the bath.. maybe its a dud I thought. That was until I could see a smile quickly spread across Joe's face. 
'Your meant to hold it under the tap Eimear, thats how it works.' 
I mean seriously, since when did himself become an expert on bath products? Some of the boys in my class in college hadn't even heard of a bath bomb until I showed them a few cheeky purchases I had made while on lunch!
So how did he know how to use it and I didn't.…tis a mystery.
Anyway, I scooped the bubble bar out of the water and held it under the tap instead. Thats when the magic happened. Bubbles, bubbles everywhere!
I had more bubbles than I knew what to do with.
That was the second thing I didn't know, I didn't realize you could use it several times by breaking pieces off the bubble bar..and that was why I had snow suds haha! Oops on my account again.

Big Blue Bath Ballistic 

I can see why this is called the 'Big Blue' Bath Ballistic…its absolutely massive!
And also blue, but you definitely would never have guessed that haw haw.
Due to its size you could divide it in two and keep some for another time.
I didn't I was way to eager and chucked the whole thing in!
The second it hit the water it started spinning and fizzing around the bath, much to my amusement. (Clearly you can tell I don't get out much)
When the bath bomb had fully dissolved my bath was a gorgeous vibrant shade of blue and was filled with seaweed and sea salt.
I can imagine this wouldn't be everyones cup of tea but I couldn't wait to jump on in! The bath bomb is also infused with lavender and lemon oils so it really is the perfect bath bomb if you want some time to yourself to just flake out.
My skin was nice and soft afterwards which I think was down to the seaweed and naturally I smelled divine :)
The only downside to this bath bomb is cleaning up afterwards..ugh.
Scooping seaweed out of the bath was not a fun time haha!

Blue Skies and Fluffy White Clouds Bubble Bar

I learnt my lesson from the karma bubble bar. I was fully prepared this time, I knew what to do haha! For awhile I didn't know which one this was. After some process of elimination I decided it had to be the blue skies bubble bar. Even when I looked online though my bubble bar looked completely different to the one on the Lush website and to other bloggers that had reviews up.
I kind of just took it that because its hand made everyones varies!
The bubble bar is enriched with cinnamon, frankincense, and patchouli. 
 It smells so good, not as strong a scent as a bath bomb but still quite delightful, I still have a quaint but pleasant smell on my skin after my bath which is always nice! Overall I was quite delighted with this bubble bar :)

Fizzbanger Bath Ballistic 

This was one of my favourite from the set that I will definitely repurchase again. Filled with cinnamon and appley goodness, simply unreal!
I was really surprised when I popped this ballistic in the water as it changed colour…..twice! I was expecting the bath water to be a bright shade of yellow but in actual fact it changed blue then green! This was because the bath ballistic is layered. The patterns and colour of the water looked so cool, it actually reminded me of marble cake….or just the marble effect in general.

Pop in the Bath Bubble Bar

Again, we have another bubble bar in the set. Thats three in total!
Three bath ballistics and three bubble bars.
To be honest I much would have rather preferred more bath ballistics over the bubble bar as they are a bit more exciting. Along with the fact that I find there to be little to no scent off of my skin after the use of a bubble bar where as with the bath ballistics not only I smell…the entire house does! I love it!
This bubble bar has a really zesty feel to it, not too overpowering though.
I had actually read reviews on this one before so I was surprised when I saw my bubble bar as the coloring was different. Any I had seen before were either pink, green or blue! Lush must just change up the colours from time to time.
As my bubble bar was a cream shade it didn't change the colour of the water like the other bubble bars did. It wouldn't have made a difference either way because I couldn't see the water with all the bubbles! I was in bubble heaven :)

Avobath Bath Ballistic

This was the very first bath bomb I used out of the set!
I was sick around the time I used this bath bomb so I figured the ingredients would do myself some good. Lush describe this ballistic   

"like a reviving lemongrass spa bath, complete with an avocado and olive oil massage - almost!"

Which was another reason I picked up this ballistic to use first, the lemon scent really stood out from the rest of the bunch. I filled my bath as usual and I popped the whole thing in, some people divide it up into pieces but I am terrible at savoring things…I wanted it all!
Anytime I use a Lush bath product it can be sniffed throughout the entire house, its mad but I love it!
However this was where my love for the bath bomb ceased unfortunately.
I didn't find the bath ballistic to have any moisturizing properties even though olive oil is one of the key ingredients. I was hoping it would soothe my dry skin but that was not the case.
With all of the Lush bath products I have used to date, the smell of the bath bomb lingers on the skin for hours after I get out of the bath. With this one I couldn't smell the product on my skin at all after I had gotten out of the bath.
Unfortunately so this one was a little disappointing.

On the whole I would give this set a massive thumbs up! 
I loved trying out a range of the Lush bath bombs, bubble bars and ballistics. It enabled me to try out products that I might not have purchased on there own otherwise. Now I know what I will definitely be picking up again and what I might give a miss. It makes a perfect gift for any Lush fan similarly for anyone who has never tried any products before :)

What are your favourite Lush buys?
I'm always looking to try out new bath bombs!
Eimear x

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