Monday 24 March 2014

My stay in the Osprey Hotel & Spa, Naas

Hey Everyone!
Hope you all are well :)

For one reason or another I had my fair share of hotel stays last year. If I won the lotto I would probably just travel around staying in different hotels and spend the money that way haha. I love a good hotel break away, believe it or not what actually determines my stay in a hotel is………
if they have a bath or not! Its probably my favourite thing about staying overnight in a hotel, I love filling up a nice hot bath and relaxing :) Back in October I stayed in the Osprey Hotel in Naas for the Irish Blog Awards. As some of you may know I was a finalist in the 'Best Video Blog' category. 
*cough* Wearing the badge loud and proud to the right *cough* 
I'm still on a high after that and still completely overwhelmed by the support I received through texts and messages across my social media websites. I would't have gotten this far if it wasn't for my brilliant subscribers and readers, I'm extremely grateful!

 Before staying in any hotel I will always look up their website to see if they have a gallery or any guest reviews. I was pleased with the images and information on the site so I proceeded to book. I arrived early at the hotel to give myself plenty of time to relax and then to get ready for the night ahead.
I was blown away by how gorgeous the room was, even though it said on the site the room was spacious, I wasn't expecting it to be as spacious as it was so that was a lovely surprise. The room looked more gorgeous in person opposed to on the website which I was very happy about, unfortunately sometimes thats not always the case it can be the other way around! The hotel itself is very modern and nicely decorated as you can see by the below shot of the room. The colour choices make the room look so warm and inviting…I think the first thing I did was dive on the bed! Extremely cosy might I add!

As you can see there is lots of space to move around and get ready. There is a full length mirror on your left as you walk in the door and also a rectangular mirror above the desk followed by a large mirror in the bathroom. You can see a purple theme is evident in the room, I love the quirky purple wall with matching chair cushion and valance. I think it really ties the room together nicely.The heating system in the hotel is also very modern, I can't remember if there were any radiators in the room or not but we had a thermostat. I love when hotels have these fitted its so handy to be able to manage the temperature in the room yourself. 

Here comes my favourite part, the bathroom :)
When you walk into the room, the door to your left leads to the bathroom. Again the bathroom like the bedroom is super spacious. After the awards the first thing I did when I came up to the room was get a bath. The bath was so deep I filled it up as far as I could, popped in a bath bomb and dived right on in! Extremely relaxing is a serious understatement, it was gorgeous. The bathroom also had a lovely mosaic tiled shower too.

The room had double doors which led out onto a lovely balcony. As it was September and the fact I was only there for one evening, I didn't get much use out of it. I can imagine if you are staying for a few nights in the Summer it would be lovely to kick back and relax with a couple of drinks. The balcony overlooks a water fountain which again is a nice touch :)

The hotel is one that clearly values its guests, the staff were extremely professional and pleasant, which definitely made the experience that much more enjoyable. Its probably one of the most comfortable hotels I have stayed in to date! Naturally pricing varies with regard to rooms and time of year, rooms are from as little as €89. As I said I stayed in October I think the room cost approximately €109. 

Overall without a doubt I would definitely go back to stay again. The staff are helpful and friendly, the rooms are nicely decorated and clean, the hotel facilities are second to none…no complaints here!
If you want to check it out for yourself, head over to the site by clicking here.

Have you stayed in the Osprey?
Whats the nicest hotel you have stayed in, I'm always on the look out!
Eimear x


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