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Blank Canvas Cosmetics "My Face and Eye" 13 Piece Professional Brush Set

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Today I have my very first makeup brush review for you all. Over the past few years I have tried out many different types of brushes from various companies. Smashbox, Sedona Lace and Sigma to name but a few!
A little over a year ago I was introduced to a company called Blank Canvas Cosmetics based here in Ireland. Myself and my Mam spent ages pottering around the website looking at all the beautiful products. We couldn't get over how affordable the products were! After much deliberation we finally each decided on picking up the 6 Contour Powder Blush Palette (reviewed here) and also the 28 Neutral Palette (reviewed here).
After such a pleasant experience with the company I knew I wanted to try out some more of their products, I was adamant on trying out their brush range next. Luckily I managed to win quite a number of their brushes last year..and thats where the obsession started.

Recently I spotted some Blank Canvas Cosmetics Brushes over on, they had to be mine. The offer was simply too brilliant to let go. It was €45 for the 12 Piece Professional "My Face and Eye" Brush Set complete with Brush Roll, with the BCC F23 foundation/concealer brush including delivery
See what I mean? I can justify breaking my spending ban for a purchase like that! I had some piggy points stashed away too so I got it even cheaper again!

The brushes are encased within this leather look brush roll, it is incredibly soft and even though it is not real leather it is quite durable. On opening the brush roll you will find the 12 brushes located within their own compartments, I like how there is a flap that folds down on the brushes providing extra protection. Another aspect that I liked about the brush roll was that it has a zipper compartment, making it even more suited for travel.

The F23 was not included in the brush roll and came absolutely free, it retails at €13.99. Like the majority of Blank Canvas Cosmetics Brush Range, the F23 is extremely versatile. I favour using this for applying my concealer to my under eye area and I also use this to sharpen up my contour shade to give my face that very defined sculpted look. I have also used this brush to apply cream highlighters, foundation and blusher. It works great with cream and powder products I usually tend to go back in with the brush and set my under eye concealer with some powder. The brush is tapered so it really helps you to get into the under eye area.

Moving on to the brushes in the set now, first up we have the 001 Powder Brush. This brush is very dense which I love to see, however due to this the brush can shed a little with washing. Nothing major just something I have noted, this isn't unusual for these kinds of brushes. The brush is very soft and helps to set my foundation with ease. I lightly press the powder all over my face using this brush and it gives such a smooth finish to my skin. You could also use this brush to apply bronzer, I just prefer to use something more defined :)

Next up we have the Double Ended Foundation/Concealer Brush 002. 
In my opinion this brush is simply genious, I'm surprised I haven't come across something like this before. With this painter style foundation brush I apply the foundation to my face using downward strokes I then turn the brush on its side and buff back up the face. This ensures that we have no brush stroke marks on the face. The bristles on these brushes are synthetic and they do a wonderful job at applying foundation and concealer. One tip with regard to washing, wash one end at a time so that if you have washed one end, the water is not running up the ferule and loosening the bristles while you wash the other end.

Ah the duo fibre, this was actually the first decent brush I owned. I remember watching tutorials on YouTube of girls applying their foundation flawlessly with this type of brush so naturally I wanted gorgeous airbrushed skin I went out and picked one up! Like my Inglot duo fibre, the Blank Canvas Cosmetics Medium Duo Fibre Brush 003 gives a flawless finish to the skin. I reach for the smaller Blank Canvas Cosmetics Duo Fibre more so because I like a really precise application but thats just personal preference!

The next brush we have in the set is the Blush Brush 004. This brush is angled so it can be used not only for blusher, but for contouring too. It fits nicely in the hollows of the cheeks and buffs out products beautifully. Do not fret if you wash this brush and you notice staining, white haired brushes can be quite hard to clean. I find washing with a little conditioner or olive oil really helps to remove the product from the hairs leaving them crystal clear and good as new!

With regard to applying concealer I apply a very minimal amount, if any! This is the Large Precision Concealer/ Eyeshadow Brush 005. As I have two brushes already that I can use for concealer I prefer to use this brush for eyeshadow. Although sometimes I do like to use this brush to contour down the sides of my nose, as the brush has a fine tip it I can easily contour this area. With regard to applying eyeshadow, I can cover large areas quite quickly as it is a big brush. Patting motions work best while using this brush with eyeshadow as it helps to minimize if not eliminate eyeshadow fallout altogether.

Everyone needs a decent blending brush in their collection, the Tapered Blending Brush 006 is ideal. The brush is lovely and soft also a perfect size giving you the ability to create detailed crease work. I love this brush for blending eyeshadows, the key to finding a good blending brush is looking at the shape. This brush is dome shaped allowing you to master the blending process.

Up next we have the Flat Eye Shading Brush 007, I use this in exactly the same way as I do with the 005. Personally I could never have enough eyeshadow brushes, washing brushes is such a mundane task I think everyone can agree. These brushes also work exceptionally well with eyeshadow pigments!

I like to use the Small Angled Shading Brush 008 solely for applying my brow bone highlight. If I have blended my crease colour up too far towards my brow bone this brush helps to pull down and soften the shadow when I am applying my highlight. If you are opting for an elongated eyeshadow shape like a dramatic cat eye look to your eyeshadow this brush is brilliant for building up the shadows on the outer edge of the eye.

I think the 009 Precision Pencil Brush is my favourite brush out of the entire set. If you have trouble perfecting liquid liner, you won't anymore not with this brush within your reach! The brush allows you to smoothly apply gel eyeliner to your upper lash line, as the brush is rather fine you can easily perfect that cat eye flick..without any hassle! I double up this brush as a lipliner brush also :)

The 010 Small Blending Brush is great for those finicky jobs and hard to reach areas. This brush is fantastic for apply a highlight around the tear duct of the eye and it enables you to blend out eyeshadow thoroughly in the crease area.

The vast majority of people favour these types of brushes for apply gel liner to the eye area however I rather use a finer brush like the 009 Precision Brush, again its simply personal preference. I use the 011 Angled Brow/ Liner Brush for filling in my eyebrows. I like to use a dense brush so I can really pack on and build up the colour in my brows as I need, this brush does the job exceptionally well.

Last but not least we come to the 012 Precision Eyeliner Brush. I use this brush hand in hand with my 009 Precision Pencil Brush, it all depends on what makeup look I am trying to achieve!

All of these brushes are very high quality, there is very little shedding and they make my job as a makeup artist ten times easier! I have been using Blank Canvas Cosmetics Brushes for just over a year now and I haven't noticed any wear and tear to date. I'm very confident that these brushes will hold up equally as well! This brush set is fantastic for beginners due to the fact it has all the staple brushes an aspiring makeup artist or enthusiast would need. The most important aspect for me is price, that is what it all comes down to..whether I will make my purchase or not. Currently this brush set is on offer on the Blank Canvas Cosmetics website for €59.99 with free choice of a Kabuki brush. Not only is the price amazingly cheap, even when it isn't on offer it is still amazing value for money. The full price of the brush set is normally €91 that works out at around €7.50 per brush, with a free brush roll and a free kabuki brush. Its a win-win situation all round!
I would highly recommend these brushes to not only to beginners but makeup artist too, they are a great addition to have in your kit. I couldn't be without mine :)

For more information head over to the Blank Canvas Cosmetics website which you can find here.

Have you tried anything from the BCC range? I would love to know your thoughts! :)
Thanks for tuning in, see you soon!
Eimear x

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