Thursday 15 August 2013

Big, Bold, Beautiful Brows!

Hey Everyone!
Hope you all are well :)

Brows, Brows, Brows.
They are everywhere lately aren't they?
Whether they are in the media or drawn badly on someones face..brows are e everywhere lately.
Personally I adore the bold brow trend I find that defined brows give you a more youthful appearance and they do really frame your face, its so important to fill them in! Tending to your eyebrows can even be something as simple as applying a tinted brow gel, I think at least adding something to the eyebrows make the world of difference!

I am constantly asked questions about my eyebrows, whether it be:
Are they HD brows?
Do you pluck/wax them yourself?
What products do you use?
How do I define them?
The list of questions is quite frankly...endless!

Up until my last tutorial, for months I had been filling in my eyebrows using an eyebrow pencil. It was only until I posted my latest tutorial that they questions came flooding in. I received so many requests to do an updated brow routine to show you ladies and gents how to achieve "The Perfect Brows".
They are not perfect by all means in my books, sometimes I prefer it that way. 
Your eyebrows are sisters, not twins so it does not matter if they aren't exactly the looks a lot more natural that way!

Years ago I got a bit "Tweezer Happy" and plucked the fast majority of my eyebrows off, I literally had two little lines for eyebrows..but hey! I thought they looked good at the time. Luckily, my eyebrows grew back.
This is how my eyebrows look now, before any product is applied.


Sparse, Shapeless and Undefined! 


HD Appearance, Full, Defined!

Lately I have gone back to my trusty old Nyx Eyebrow Kit for Brunettes, I have already reviewed it so you can check that out here.
I won't go into too much detail as all the info you need is in the tutorial and the blog post, but this kit is brilliant! Its fool proof and it even comes with eyebrow stencils. As I am a bit of a klutz...unfortunately I hoovered up my stencils and that was the end of that! No worries though, I still get great use out of the kit :)

If you want to see the transition from before to after, just click on the play button below!

Thanks for tuning in guys!
See you in my next tutorial :)
Eimear x

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