Thursday 18 April 2013

Pixy Lime Body Scrub Cubes Review

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I'm back again today with some more brilliant body buys!
As most of you know I went to the Irish Beauty Show in the RDS back in March, and of course I had to stop by the Pixy stand to pick up some goodies :)

Prior to the show I had used several of the companies bath bombs which I adore and also their coconut lip balm. For Valentines Day I had given my auntie Edna one of the Pixy gift sets and she instantly fell in love with the products, a favourite of hers being the oatmeal soap slice!

Naturally, we couldn't wait to explore the stand at the beauty show.
I knew exactly what I wanted I was a woman on a mission, I headed straight for those blissful bath bombs! To date I have tried the Pixy Coconut (review here), Limelight and Tutti Fruity bath bombs. I received a small size version of the Limelight and Tutti Fruity Bath Bombs with my last order, as I got a taster for these two I knew I needed the full size..especially in 'Limelight'.

After reading several posts on the Lime Boy Scrub Cubes I knew I had to pick up these bad boys to see if they lived up to all the hype.
I'm delighted to say they did!

I am always extremely weary of using new skin care products, exfoliating products in particular. I have highly sensitive skin and break out too frequently from products for my liking!
However, I am slightly put at ease and more inclined to use the product when I read that the product contains only natural ingredients. 
Which is the case with this product :)
Of course the cubes are made from mother natures finest ingredients..cocoa butter, apricot oil, vitamin E to name but a few.

First of all I will say if you are a fan of Loop the Loop Ice may have to restrain yourself. These cubes smell exactly like the ice pops, my god they are good enough to eat!

I love how versatile these little cubes are. The bottom end of the cubes act as a moisturiser while the top end of the cube is ideal for exfoliating the skin.

I decided to use these while I was lying in the bath, purely because I am a bit of a clutz and knowing me I would probably have slipped in the shower haha!
I started off by using the bottom end of the cube, the exfoliating portion and lightly buffed this over my skin. I suffer from eczema and after treatment my skin can be left very dry and flaky so I was hoping the cube would remove the flaky patches. I then flipped the cube and decided to then use the moisturising side to sooth my skin.
 I was quite surprised that one little cube went along way I had some left over so I decided to use this on the sides of my feet. I did gymnastics for about 14 years so as you can imagine between chalking and tumbling my poor feet have been through the wars. The cubes made a huge difference after one use the skin on my feet was definitely not as tough to the touch.
I have found the cubes to be also brilliant for removing fake tan, not that I wear it often but at least I now know I can remove it quickly with ease by whipping out these bad boys!

Overall I am extremely impressed with these little lime cubes.
I find that some exfoliators can be quite harsh on the skin and feel quite scratchy to the surface, with the cubes this was not the case. 
My highly sensitive skin didn't suffer a break out and my eczema was not irritated, quite the opposite really!
The cubes left my skin feeling silky soft and thankfully not greasy to the touch which I find can happen with some moisturisers. 

The Lime Body Scrub Cubes retail at €4.99 for six cubes.
Another bargain buy in my opinion :)
Pixy are currently offering free postage with all orders over €10 within Ireland, perfect time to pick some goodies up if you are interested!
More information can be found on the site below

Have you tried any products from Pixy?
I'm looking for some more bargain buys to check out :D

Thanks for tuning in guys :)
Eimear x


  1. I love these cubes so much!! only did a review myself recently... the smell is just enough to win me over on them :)