Friday 8 February 2013

Pixy Coconut Bath Bomb Review

Hey Everyone!
Hope you all are well :)

I had just hopped into bed after being in bath bomb bliss (try saying that three times fast!) when I realised I had left on the immersion...typical!
I'm back in bed now toasting away with the electric blanket on and I thought tonight I would share with you my review of the beautiful bath bomb I just used!
Like I have said again and again I love anything that smells good! 
Recently I have been doing my utmost best to stick to a skin care routine and I have just been trying to make a better effort to cleanse and moisturise my skin. Lately I have been on a bit of a bath bomb buzz, I love nothing more than relaxing in the bath in the evening. Perfect way to end the day after college!
Pixy is an Irish company that I only discovered just before Christmas. 
I have been using the Pixy Soap Slices (review coming soon) for a couple of months now and I love these, so I decided to try a few more products from the company.
Pixy are currently running free shipping on all Irish orders over €10, I could not have picked a better time to pick up some goodies!

I ordered several products from the company, The Pixy Heart Gift Set, Coconut Lip Balm and a Coconut Bath Bomb.
The Coconut Bath Bomb and Lip Balm came in a little box of its own.
All the products were extremely well packaged, there was no breakage and no chance of breakage in my opinion.
When I opened the smaller box I noticed that the company had actually included two more bath bombs free of charge. These were mini bath bombs, tutti frutti and limelight were the ones I received. I wasn't expecting this at all so I was thrilled, very handy to be able to try out a couple of more bath bombs free of charge as I had intended of picking up more anyway if I liked the coconut one. Now at least I will have tried three different ones and I will know what I like, when I go to pick up some more the next time!

Tonight I decided to use the Pixy Coconut Bath Bomb.

I filled the bath then popped the bath bomb in, it fizzed around the bath and dissolved that quickly that I nearly didn't get a chance to photograph it!
After the bath bomb had finished dissolving, the bath was clear in colour with sparkling gold glitter running through the water. You can add your own bubble bath if you want the bath too look pretty, I just didn't because I did not want the bubble bath to interfere with the bath bomb. I solely just wanted to smell the coconut :)

At first when it had finished dissolving I could not smell the coconut and was a little disappointed. It was only when I was lying in the bath and with the steam rising that I could smell the coconut, it was gorgeous, not overpowering at all.
The scent did last a reasonable length of time, my skin was left feeling quite soft and glistened due to the gold flecks which I liked.
To top off the night I decided to finish off by moisturising with Palmers Cocoa Butter..coconut overload to some people, not to me! :)

Overall I am extremely impressed and satisfied with my purchase. I would highly recommend this bath bomb, its an absolute bargain buy at €3.45!
The customer service was excellent, they replied in an efficient manner to any queries I had and also helped me to pick out some products too!
A pleasure to deal with :)
Interested in checking out some products? Click here.

Thanks for tuning in guys!
Talk soon,
Eimear x


  1. I love the Pixy bath bombs. Limelight is my favourite at the moment!