Wednesday 13 February 2013

Benefit Fine One One Launch/Review

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Recently I attended my first blogger event, I received an invitation from Benefits lovely Caoimhe McCrystall to celebrate the launch of their new brightening colour for the cheeks and lips..better known as fine one one!

On the morning of the event I went into instant panic mode, what do I wear?, what way do I do my makeup?. Then it hit me..I didn't know anyone going!
For anyone that knows me I am a bit of a nervous wreck so it would seem to be very out of character for me to go to something like this alone. I can just about manage to buy my own bus ticket!
After turning to trusty twitter I was relieved to find out a couple of other Irish bloggers I knew were going.
On arrival I received a warm welcome from Caoimhe herself and Benefits top makeup artist, Mark Rogers. They were both so bubbly and friendly that any nerves I had before hand instantly went out the window...until I was arrested.
No no, not actually arrested, I was arrested Benefit style for being too damn gorgeous! I was propped up on a chair with a glass of champagne awaiting pampering from one of the Benebabes. Myself and Orlaith chatted for awhile about benefit products I had previously used, before she decided on what look to do. I had never used Benefits They're Real mascara so she liberally applied a few coats. Even though I already had mascara on, I was very surprised my lashes didn't clump. Definitely added to my list of must haves!
Orlaith finished off by sweeping a coat of Bella Bamba lip gloss over my lips. Really loved the finish of this gloss, not sticky in the slightest which is a huge relief as my ridiculously long hair always sticks to my lips.

After my 'mug shot' was taken and it was time to mingle!
To top off my night I got to meet the ultimate benebabes, Annie and Maggie Ford-Danielson.

Now on to the highlight of the event, fine one one.
I'm sure by now you have all heard of Benefits glorious new product on the market, if not you are in for a treat!

Fine one one is a sheer cream blusher that doubles up as a lip colour. It comes in a push up stick form which holds three different shades. 
These can be worn individually to highlight and sculpt the face or you can combine all three to add some life and luminosity to the face.
For a pretty pout apply whatever colour you desire, or combine all three.
I tend to apply either the sheer watermelon or soft coral then use pink champagne as a highlight on my cupids bow and to the centre of my bottom lip. This helps to give the illusion of fuller more plump lips!

Pink Champagne, Sheer Watermelon and Soft Coral.

I am not a huge blush fan due to the fact that I wear so much colour on my eyes I tend to tone down everything else. My average look consists of a colourful smokey eye, bronzer and a nude lip. However the first thing that sparked interest with me was that this was a cream product, I have never tried a cream blush before so naturally I was curious. I have quite dry skin so I figured this product could only benefit pun intended ;)
I had this product applied during the night by one of the benebabes and I was so surprised at how natural it looked on. I was a bit weary because I already had a full face of makeup on..smokey eyes, tan, bronzer, highlighter the works!
Gliding the product onto my cheeks using a combination of all three colours, she lightly blended it out from the apples of my cheeks towards my temples.
It added such a lovely natural flush to my skin, I adored the sheen that the pink champagne colour gave off. My skin was literally glowing!

I have found the best way to wear this product is after you apply your foundation/concealer but before you powder.
 Remember cream on cream, powder on powder.
Once I have applied this to my cheeks I set everything in place with a powder. Even though this product sets to a powder finish I find that it lasts longer on my cheeks when I set it with my face powder.

It is not a surprise at all that this product has a quirky name and gorgeous packaging. I appreciate it so much when companies not only put time into the product itself but other aspects such as the name and the packaging. 
I have said it before and i'll say it again, packaging needs to be unique and eye catching as this is what is going to draw the customer in. Personally I find that packaging is so important, if I like the look of the product I will be so much more likely to try it out than if it was packaged poorly.

I also love the fact that this product is buildable. Like I said I tend to wear a lot of colour on my eyes on a daily basis so the rest of my face is usually quite toned down. Recently I created a neon makeup look, I finished off the look by pairing it with some fine one one on the cheeks and a bright orange lip colour.
I was extremely happy with how the look turned out, the focus was on my eyes and my lips but my skin had such a gorgeous glow to it.

With regard to price this product retails at €34.
I have been toing and froing when it comes to the price.
Upfront I feel that it is expensive however with most makeup buys I consider them an investment.
When I think of how much use I get out of the product..the fact that it is a lip colour, blush and highlights the face, the quality of the product and the overall appearance of the product I can consider it good value for money.
It all depends on the person I think, but I'm extremely happy with fine one one it gets a huge thumbs up from me. 
Bravo Benefit on another wonderful product!

If you want to see fine one one in action skip to 4.20 of the tutorial :)

Have you tried Fine One One yet?
Eimear x


  1. AWw so pretty and I adore your colour eye make in the video xx

    1. Awh thanks a million Avril :) I love neon colours haha! x