Wednesday 30 January 2013

Make Up For Ever Empty Magnetic Palette Review

Hey Everyone!
Hope you all are well :)

Today I have another bargain buy to show you all.
I'm sure you have all heard of the magnetic palettes, you can depot your eyeshadows and stick into the palette! A very popular example of these palettes are the Z Palettes.
As a freelance makeup artist it is not practical for me to carry around tonnes and tonnes of eyeshadow palettes so I can offer my client a variety of shades and finishes. With these magnetic palettes I can customize my palette depending on my client and his/her needs. Seeing as the majority of my eyeshadows are from Inglot I just pop them out of the Inglot magnetic palette and into my empty magnetic palette.

The one problem I have with these palettes are the price. 
Personally I couldn't justify spending up to €35 on an empty magnetic palette, I'd nearly go through the hassle of carting my entire kit around.
I even considered making the palette myself until I saw the Make Up For Ever Magnetic Palette. It actually worked out cheaper to buy this palette opposed to make my own, when I took into consideration the materials and the time and effort it would require to make one.

I have not had a good experience in the past with Make Up For Ever so I decided I would steer clear from their products. However, when I saw this palette I decided to bite my tongue and go for it.
 The offer was too good to pass up!

What I love about this palette opposed to any other magnetic palettes I've seen on the market is that it is tin. Apart from the price this is one of the main reasons I bought this palette, due to it being a tin case its extremely durable.

It is also rather spacious in comparison to other magnetic palettes I have seen.
The only problem I can see people may have with it is that it can dirty easily. That is nit picking it really isn't a problem with me, as you can see in the first picture of the palette there are little makeup finger prints but nothing a baby wipe wont get rid of!

Here are just a few Inglot eyeshadows I popped in my palette. 
The picture is slightly cropped so this isn't even the full size of the palette and as you can see these three eyeshadows take up a very small amount of space.
Of course you do not have to just put eyeshadows in here, you can depot anything and pop it in as the base is magnetized. 

I picked up this palette for €14.50.
Which is another bargain buy in my opinion.
That is also without the MUA discount.
If you are a makeup artist the palette will be cheaper again!
Pretty great huh :)

Hope you enjoyed the review guys!
Talk to you soon,
Eimear x