Friday 7 December 2012

So...? Rocks Fab Gift Set Review

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Today I have an exciting perfume review for you. 
As I have said many times throughout my videos I am a sucker for smelly things...candles, perfumes, anything that smells good I'll have! I suppose you could say that I have a rather large perfume collection which I have gathered over the last god knows how long!
I usually get perfumes for my birthday and/or Christmas as sets such as this one make great gifts.

I was so... happy (no pun intended haha!) when So...? contacted me in relation to this review.
So...? would be a brand that I have bought again and again during my teenage years. 
As we had a large group of friends to buy presents for, for Christmas we usually did Kris Kindle. 
I cannot remember a Christmas or a birthday from the ages of about 12 to 16 where I did not receive a So...? perfume. It really was the scent to wear during your teenage years. I recall the vast majority of girls in my secondary school having a So...? perfume if not a body spray in their school bag.
 I think I'd have to say growing up my absolute favourites to wear were So...? Sinful and So...? Kiss Me.
The So...? range is compact, convenient, cheap and not to mention it smells absolutely amazing....
whats not to love? :)

The fragrance set that I received is called the So...? Rocks Fab Gift Set.
A set which is right up my alley if you ask me!
Included in this set is a 100ml eau de toilette and a 75ml body fragrance for just €9.95
Yes when I said cheap I meant cheap! 
Nowadays you wouldn't even get credit for your phone for a tenner so to get a a set like this for €9.95 that's pretty impressive.

The perfume is packaged beautifully!
 I adore the design on the perfume bottle, the range really reminds me of Ed Hardy.
The purple part lifts off to reveal the pump. 
I love how slim the packaging is, it fits nicely on my wall mounted corner stand where I hold my perfume collection.
So...? describes this fragrance to be bursting with notes of bergamot, jasmine, praline and musk.
I find the scent the perfect blend between sweet and musky. 
Due to the fact it has a hint of musk I think its a rather seductive scent. 
Because of this I prefer to wear this scent in the evening if I am going on a night out or casually out with friends. 

This fragrance like the others I have tried from So...? has an amazing lasting power for such an affordable fragrance. I spritz one pump on my wrists and one on my neck followed by a quick spray of the body spray.
 I do this before I head out in the evening and I can still smell the fragrance hours later.
Throughout the night if I want to freshen up I'll use the body spray without using the perfume again as I don't want the scent to be too overpowering.  

As I said the So...? range make great gifts for friends and family.
The So...? Rocks Fab Gift set was specially created for Christmas.
In my opinion this would make the perfect stocking filler!

Now I am sure you are eager to hear where you can pick up this gorgeous scent.
So...? Rocks Fab Gift Set is available in all good pharmacies nationwide.

I am also giving away 2 gift sets to 2 lucky subscribers which will be hosted on my Youtube Channel.
To find out how to win click on the link to the video below.
All rules will be listed in the description box.

Thoughts Overall

I really cannot find anything bad to say about this set. 
I have been a huge fan of So...? perfumes for years and I can safely say nothing has changed. 
The products are packaged nicely and this set smells divine.
The sets make excellent gift ideas for anyone on a budget.
Another great bargain buy :)

Thanks for tuning in!
Eimear x

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