Friday 12 October 2012

Avon 'Vino Royale' Little Red Dress Lipstick

Hey Everyone!
Hope you all are well :)

My mam used to keep her makeup in the upstairs bathroom beside her bedroom. One day I noticed a relatively pale Avon foundation sitting on the bathroom window, I was curious so I had a sneaky little test for myself. I loved it! I asked my mam about the foundation and she told me we have an Avon representative who calls to the house now and thats where she bought it. I wonder did she not tell me about this Avon lady because she knew right well I'd be giving the lady a list the length of her arm every time she called?.....well if that was the case, she was right! haha.

I had heard so much about Avon but never had a representative in my area, until March. 
Every time my Avon representative called I would order a few products, there were always offers on in the catalogue. I was so pleasantly surprised with the products, so affordable and quite high quality.
Recently, I started a 'Beauty on a Budget' series on my channel. I have one with Avon Cosmetics where I got my entire face of makeup for just €20.50c, if you would like to see how I achieved it click the link below :)

Now, a few weeks ago I ordered some more products from Avon out of the sale catalogue. I spotted this gorgeous deep red lipstick which I thought would be absolutely perfect for the Autumn and Winter months. It only set me back €1.99 so I'd have been mad not to pick it up...or so I thought.

I really like the packaging its very sleek and classy, I love the fact its red opposed to the traditional black packaging. Another nice touch to the lipstick is the imprint of 'Avon' on the actual lipstick itself.
I own four other lipsticks from Avon but this is the only one out of the four that has an imprint which I think is really nice.


This lipstick is extremely creamy and doesn't last very long on the lips, a lip liner is a must have! 
Due to the fact that it is so creamy I found it quite hard to work with, I felt I ended up just moving the lipstick from one place to another on my lips. Almost as if when I was blending it across my lips I was blending the lipstick away. I had to really layer the lipstick to get a good even colour pay off. 
This lipstick passes the teeth test though, no lipstick transferred onto my teeth throughout the day even after reapplying.
Although generally I do prefer a matte finish, I do really like the glossy sheen this lipstick leaves on the lips. Coming into the winter months my lips tend to be very dry and a matte lipstick is a big no no when they are in that condition, the lipstick would just seep into the crevices of my chapped lips....not a good look! So a glossy finish gets a thumbs up from me!

It really is a pity that this lipstick is very creamy, I absolutely love the colour.  I want a lipstick that I can apply and quickly top up if I need to, I just find this one very hard to work with. Unfortunately it wont be something I will be repurchasing.

  • Affordable
  • Sleek Packaging
  • Doesn't transfer onto the teeth

  • Too Creamy
  • Poor Lasting Power
  • Difficult to Apply

Have you tried any products from Avon, if so let me know your favourites! :)

Eimear x


  1. Hi Eimear
    The lipstick has a very nice color
    avon is achieved here too and I've had some products but I dont have really enjoyed, especially eye shadows
    Now you say have good quality i will try to find an offer to try other things
    I have a liquid eyeliner brown eyes and helps me every day if you do not want to wear anything flashy but is nice but can not find it really beautiful
    Proved, and tell you
    you wear the look, pin up, it's very nice!

    sorry my basic english I use a translator hahaha

    1. Hey! Yeah I love the colour of the lipstick thats why its such a pity. I've only tried one eyeshadow palette, when I swatched the colours on my hand I wasn't happy with the pigmentation. But when I actually applied the shadows to my eyes it was a different story, I just applied some foundation and powder on my lids as a base :)
      Yeah I love pin up style makeup! Thanks a million for taking the time to leave a comment :D

  2. love how you did the eyeliner!! it looks so flawless.. the red shade looks gorgeous on you :)

    1. Might have a tutorial up for the eyeliner soon :)
      Thanks a million!