Friday 10 October 2014

Lush Comforter Bubble Bar Review

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It has been quite a while since I last posted a review on here, unfortunately the video side of things take up a lot of my time. Recently I started posting review videos over on my channel, I find sometimes a written post isn't enough for a product. Depending on the product you need to see a product in action to really get a feel for how it performs. I'll be making more of an effort to post those along with written reviews on the blog, it'll most likely be weekly. I upload my tutorials on a Saturday and I'm still trying to settle on a day for the blog posts. Well, if your reading this I have already decided on a day so thats that!

Lush is most definitely my all time favourite place for bubbly bits, the selection is simply out of this world. I'm not ashamed to say that lately I have developed a bit of an obsession with the bubble bars, in particular "The Comforter".
I for one hate the Summer time, I'm not using that word lightly either. It simply doesn't appeal to me, I've been longing for the colder months. I love that chill in the air, the crispy leaves and how it gets dark early in the evening. If Winter were all year round I'd be the happiest woman on the planet!
In the Autumn/Winter months, I especially love my bath times.
 A piping hot bath with some glorious goodies and a hot chocolate is just pure bliss. Ain't no water charges stopping me!

I love how I can get around 6 baths out of just one bar. As you can see from the picture above I used the smallest amount for my bath and look at the effect it gives! Such fantastic value for money. Sometimes I might break bigger sections off the bar, giving me around 4 baths. The only real difference I noticed by using a bit more of the bar was that the colour of the water appeared a bit brighter, I still had bucket loads of bubbles either way!
I find the most effective way to use the bubble bar is to break off a piece and let it dissolve under the tap. I learnt the hard way that chucking it into the bath didn't work, neither did crumbling it into the bath haha. 

The bar itself reminds me of a mix between cotton candy and marshmallows. 
The fruity smell of this bubble bar will leave you drooling. I personally love sweet smelling things but if they aren't your cup of tea don't worry, although the bar is sweet it doesn't have an overpowering/sickly sweet smell.
After my bath I didn't notice that my skin felt any different but I smelled fantastic and was feeling truly relaxed :)

Upfront the bar might appear a little pricey at €5.95 but like I said it can be used multiple times. If you break the bar into as many pieces as I do thats only around a euro a bath! 

Have you tried this bubble bar or any others?
Let me know!
Eimear x

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