Saturday 8 September 2012

Haul: e.l.f, Catrice, Inglot and more!

Hey Everyone!
Hope you all are well :)

Today's blog post is going to be a haul as you could probably have guessed from the title.
Now I have always said to myself that I would never do a haul video, purely because I don't want to sound as if I'm boasting. Sometimes I feel haul videos can come across that way for example I spent "X" amount of money on this and "X" amount of money on that. That's just my own view on them I realise that may not be the intention but there you go...(digging yourself a hole Eimear haha)
Anyway, I decided it might be better to write it down in a blog post so I could show you all what beauty bargains I picked up, and good quality pictures of the products :)

So the first item I picked up was this e.l.f 32 piece palette. This is my first e.l.f purchase so naturally I'm very excited! I have been reading reviews about e.l.f products for a long time on Nina's blog. She is another Irish blogger/vlogger who is a fellow bargain hunter! 

I'll leave a link to her blog here, so you can check her out. 
When I saw this beauty in Tk Maxx for only €6.99 I had to pick it up! 

The next set of products I picked up are all from Catrice. My mam rang me to say that the pharmacy down the road from where we live had a sale on cosmetics. Selected products from Essence and Catrice were reduced to half price! This was around the 20th of August I think so I'm not sure if the offer is still on in the selected pharmacies. The first few products I picked up were eyeshadows. You have to excuse the packaging, they were riddled with sellotape and half price stickers haha!

Absolute Eye Colour
280 Heidi Plum

 Absolute Eye Colour
130 Sitting On A Volcano

Absolute Eye Colour
Grey's Philosophy

Absolute Eye Colour
390 Top Of The Cops

Absolute Eye Colour
030 OMG! I Want That

I love the cute little names these eyeshadows have! I think eventually when I make myself a magnetic palette I will depot these eyeshadows and put them into that, just to save space.I misplaced my receipt but I'm almost certain these eyeshadows were €1.40 each, they were half price anyway, absolute bargain! I can't exactly remember how much the quad was either as soon as I find out I'll stick in the price!

I'm not a huge fan of blusher I usually like to play up my eyes with some colour and then add some bronzer to my cheeks. I like the main focus to be on my eyes :) So my next purchase is for my kit! I picked up these two gorgeous blushes. The coral shade will be lovely for summer, oh if I had of spotted it sooner! These blushes were half price too I think I could have paid €1.40 for these aswel! If not they were definitely under €2 anyway.

Defining Duo Blush
030 Pink Grapefruit Shake

Defining Duo Blush 
020 Peach Sorbet

So back to Tk Maxx with my next purchase. I actually bought these the same day as the e.l.f 32 piece palette. I've never heard of this brand before but when I saw the price I figured it was worth giving them a shot! I had seen these lashes sold separately in Tk Maxx before €5.99 each but when I was in there recently I saw they had a pack of four for €12.99. Absolute no brainer there so I picked them up! On the price tag it said they retail at €59.50, shocking! I haven't tried the lashes yet but they look like they are good quality lashes, cant wait to use them on my next night out!

i - lash

i - lash

i - lash

i - lash

Last Sunday I went up to Dundrum Shopping Centre with my friend Laura so she could get a few bits and pieces for college. Of course I couldn't go to Dundrum without visiting Inglot, and that's where I picked up my next few pieces :)
I got three eyeshadows in refill form. Soon they wont be selling the eyeshadows in the circle pans anymore so they are having a sale on the last few. I already have a 20 circle palette and that is why I picked up the eyeshadows in refill form just so I could pop the eyeshadows in there when my other ones ran out. As I said Inglot are scrapping the circle pan palette system so these eyeshadows were on sale at €2.50 each!

AMC Shine 05

D.S 504

Pearl 426

Inglot Duraline

The last item I had been meaning to pick up in Inglot for a long time and that is Duraline. This basically will turn any powder to a liquid so any eyeshadow you have now can be transformed to a liner. I also own the Inglot Gel Eyeliner, the duraline will be perfect to make that more fluid as it can dry out easily. This set me back €8, I used my Inglot MUA card.

And that brings my haul to an end! I hope this was helpful and maybe you got a few ideas :)

I'll do reviews on the products after I have had a good run through of them too! So far I am very very impressed with the e.l.f 32 piece palette to say the least!
Hope you all had a lovely day and I'll chat to you again soon :)

Eimear x


  1. Awww hunny thank very much for the mention :) :) I cant believe this is your first e.l.f purchase wow you have got to try some of the studio brushes girl. I love the Catrice blush in pink grapefruit the darker side is great for giving you that healthy flushed look :) :) I have never tried Inglot eyeshadows before even though they are on my wishlist for so long one day i will :) :)
    great haul hunny

    1. Not at all Nina! :) Haha yeah I've been dying to pick up some of they're products for a long long time. The brushes are next on my list :) Awh you have got to pick up some of the Inglot shadows I swear by them, they are just so pigmented and great value for money! :)
      Thanks a million! x