Wednesday 22 August 2012

Eos Lip Balm Review

After longing over these lip balms for yonks, I have finally got my hands on them!
This month my Mams friend was coming to visit from America and told me she would pick me some makeup to bring over. Obviously I said yes! So along with the foundations, brushes, eyeshadows etc I asked her to pick me up a couple of Eos Lip Balms. The two I chose were:
  • Eos 'Sweet Mint' Lip Balm (right)
  • Eos 'Summer Fruits' Lip Balm (left)

I am a huge fan of anything that smells good. Perfume, candles, lip balms you name it. If it smells good i'll have it, and these lip balms smell absolutely devine!
I could smell the 'Sweet Mint' lip balm before I even unscrewed the top. Now due to this I do feel that some people might find it a little overpowering. But because I love mint flavoured/scented things it isn't a problem for me, I love it! If you want a lipbalm with a hint of flavour I'd definitely recommend the Summer Fruits lip balm, the smell/flavour is alot more subtle.

The consistency of the lip balms is really nice, they glide smoothly over the lips. I often have very dry lips which is annoying for a makeup artist. I love to wear a bold matte lip and when I have dry lips I simply cant. The lipstick seeps into the cracks on my lips and its not a good look by any means!
So its important for me to find a lip balm which is very moisturising. The Eos lip balms are just that. After applying the Sweet Mint lip balm my lips are left feeling cool and refreshed. I have noticed that there is a difference between the two lip balms. I'm really unsure as to why the formula is different?
I find that the 'Summer Fruits' lip balm can feel a little waxy on the lips. Which is why I tend to reach more for the 'Sweet Mint' lip balm.
The lip balm is long lasting I may have to apply a couple of times throughout the day. But that is a given with eating, drinking etc. Overall it smells good and tastes good too! :)

The packaging is absolutely adorable, not your standard lip balm packaging. This was the first reason I was drawn to the lip balm, I love the unique egg shaped packaging! Its very easy to find in my handbag too, I don't have to root around for ages to find it. Big plus there! The only thing is that it gets grubby quite easily. More so the Sweet Mint lip balm, as it is a pale turquoise shade.
I don't feel that the packaging is too bulky. I'm actually glad it is a little larger than other lip balms as I constantly forget to take them out of my pocket and they end up taking a spin in the washing machine :( 
I'm glad my Eos Lip Balms wont have to suffer this fate haha!

Price wise, as I said my mams friend brought me the lip balms over from America.
They were $2.96 each. Up until recently you could not buy these lip balms in Ireland. An Irish Beauty website called Beauty Emporium now stocks the lip balms. They retail at €6.25c each. 
You can purchase them from Beauty Emporium here.
Have you tried any of the Eos Lip Balms? If so, let me know your favourites! :)


  • Smells Nice
  • Long Lasting
  • Unique Packaging
  • Quite Moisturizing
  • 'Summer Fruits' has a waxy consistency  
  • Packaging gets dirty easily


  1. Please try Buddha Balm and I am sure you will give up on EOS. They have better flavors and texture. Try it, you won't be sorry.

    1. Never heard of that brand before. I'll get on to google and have a look :) thanks for the suggestion! x

  2. Every time I go to the drugstore, I always debate on whether I want one of these lip balms and I think I will for sure pick one up after reading this post! Thanks!

    1. Awh really? I couldnt be without my mint one! Thanks a million :) x

  3. they look really cute and i'm sucker for that but this review has been really helpful!
    i'm new to blogging to so us newbies have got to stick together haha, anyway, i just wanted to say hi and let you know i'm now follower number fourteen.
    i hope you can come say hi and i'd love to chat and get to know you, you seem lovely.
    laura xx

    1. Like wise haha! Awh thats good, I'm glad. Thanks a million just popped onto your blog to follow :) Talk to you soon! x